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Kaka to Manchester City Heats Up

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After plenty of speculation, it’s finally happened. Just hours after AC Milan said that Kaka wasn’t for sale, the newswires went crazy over the fact Manchester City has indeed opened talks to purchase the star player, and the figures are simply staggering. The 100 million euro purchase price, yes it’s there. Kaka’s salary, well enough to make everyone in football blush. That number, two hundred eighty thousand pounds a week.

I’ve been waiting for this moment the second Robinho was purchased under the wire back in early September. This was the type of transfer we were promised, and now it looks like they are going after fulfilling that obligation. While it’s hard for me, or anyone for that fact, to put their head around that amount of money,  I think this signal of intent gives us all one big message; get ready, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Just like what happened after Roman starting splashing the cash after buying Chelsea, Manchester City are looking to raise the stakes in the transfer market. With the economy the way it is today, even teams of worldwide regard would have a difficult time saying no to having 100 million euros in their back pocket. How many different players could they buy with that money? How much of their debt could they help clear up with that money? These are all questions that clubs have to start looking at more closely.

From all I can gather, it’s up to AC Milan to say no. Kaka isn’t a fool and would sign up for that kinda cash. The only thing I think stopping AC Milan saying no to this move, is their thinking about the Pandora’s box this would open up.

Other Stories
The injury list starts to grow ahead of this weekend’s matches. Dietmar Hamann will be out for 3 months with a ruptured ligament in his toe (umm wow that’s a long time to be out for a toe ligament). And on the same day Patrice Evra dedicated Manchester United’s win over Chelsea to the FA, we find out he’ll be out three weeks with a foot injury. Rio Ferdinand will more than likely be out another week due to his back.

Speaking of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson just needs to let this one go. Who cares that there was an Arsenal fan on the panel looking over the Patrice Evra case.

I wonder how much Jose Mourinho loved seeing Chelsea’s performance after his damning verdict of them Tuesday.

I don’t know if Carlos Tevez should be taking career advice from Diego Maradona. He thinks it would be wise for Tevez to get away from Manchester United.

Rafa is denying reports that he and the ownership is again at odds, this time over signing a new contract.  He’s saying the final details are being worked out.

The police are to be commended after finding 11 classless morons who were busted for the racial chants towards Sol Campbell earlier in the year. I hope they never see the inside of a football ground again. What’s even sadder is the age of some of these people.

5 Responses to Kaka to Manchester City Heats Up

  1. Gary says:

    your about an hour behind mate, hes not coming, something called 'loyalty' pffft.

  2. DaveMo says:

    Appropos of nothing (except your article headline), isn't it odd that Brits say a thing “hots up” instead of the (clearly more accurate) “heats up”?

    Similarly, I noticed that when Ronaldo wrecked his car last week, all the headlines were how he “wrote off” his ferrari. I presume this is analagous to our saying someone “totalled” their vehicle. Interesting that both countries have a slang term that originates from insurance policy terminology.

  3. ls7 says:

    Two quick comments:

    1) About the racists – stupidity has no age restrictions
    2) I don't think Tevez will be staying at United

  4. Andrew says:

    I'm Russian. Im dont think Kaka to playning in the Manchester City. Kaka gamer for AC Milan. Yes?

  5. daniel says:

    yes andrew i reckon he will stay if kaka goes his made the wrong choice

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