ESPN Insider Confirms UK Premier League TV Bid


An insider source at ESPN has revealed that the Disney-owned company is planning on bidding for one to two of the six UK TV packages available for the 2010-2013 Premier League seasons, according to Bloomberg.

While the news hardly comes as a surprise to regular readers of EPL Talk, we at least now have confirmation that ESPN will battle against Setanta and Sky Sports to decide who’ll share the license rights. Once the final decision is made by the Premier League this summer, the international TV rights will be decided which will have a massive impact on nations worldwide, including the United States where massive changes are projected. Out goes Fox Soccer Channel. In comes ESPN for U.S. TV rights to our favorite league.

If ESPN does capture a portion of the TV rights deals in the United States and United Kingdom, the media company will need to create its own distinct soccer channels either by rebranding its networks in Europe and the United States, or creating brand new ones.

For better or worse, big changes are on the horizon for football fans in the United Kingdom and United States.


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