I’m On Setanta Sports Calls It Quits


Setanta is reporting that the Saturday, January 10, 2009 episode of I’m On Setanta Sports will be the final show. It’s either the best marketing ploy of early 2009 or the end of the greatest football show ever to come to the Internet.

“Regulars “IT,” Sven Goran Eriksson and “The Boy,” Wayne Rooney and “Ronnie” Ronaldo will be there to say goodbye,” says Setanta Sports. “As will regular contributors Sir Alex, Rafa, The Voyeur and David Beckham.”

Despite Saturday’s finale of I’m On Setanta Sports, there are rumors that the show will resume under a new name entitled “Special 1 TV.” These rumors were confirmed on the January 17, 2009 episode when the name “Special 1 TV” was revealed at the end of the episode. Thanks to Eric Anderson for the original tip.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the following greatest hits of the I’m On Setanta Sports show:


5 thoughts on “I’m On Setanta Sports Calls It Quits”

  1. This is apocalyptic, like. :(

    Jose better be playing “the game” or Setanta Sports will have just committed the biggest marketing error since “New Coke”.

  2. so is the thinking that it would resume as some sort of internet program? just hoping that the creative team behind IOSS has the rights to the “characters” and basic show “concept” created for the setanta program…

  3. There was a hint on a special episode of continuation as Special 1 TV…won't spoil it, but keep an eye out for it…

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