Benitez Attacks Ferguson: Press Conference Video


Watch the video of Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez who has launched a blistering attack against Sir Alex Ferguson in a Liverpool press conference early Friday morning.

This will definitely start a war of words between Rafa and Fergie, and expect plenty of sparks to fly in the coming days and leading up to the March 14 match between both sides at Old Trafford.

The timing of Benitez’s attack is interesting especially given that Manchester United plays Chelsea on Sunday in what is essentially a must-win game for both clubs to close the gap with Liverpool.

Benitez’s tirade in the video begins after the Liverpool manager pulls out a piece of paper with alleged facts criticizing Fergie about his fixture schedule complaints and the hypocrisy regarding treatment by referees.

What do you think? Is Benitez spot on with his accusations? And who will ultimately be victorious? Just when we thought the Premier League season couldn’t get more interesting, it has.


21 thoughts on “Benitez Attacks Ferguson: Press Conference Video”

  1. I have to be honest. This episode, though explosive, does not strike me as being like the Kevin Keegan “I would love it” rant.

    Why? A couple of reasons. One is that its not coming with just one or two matches to go. We're still just over the halfway mark, and that's a lot of time for things to move around in the Premier League. The dust is nowhere near settled.

    Two is that Rafa was almost on a script. When Keegan made his rant, he was all over the place and clearly didn't have a direction for his aim, and it lead him to say if and show his doubt. In comparison, Benitez was more surgical, with notes he had made at some point, either in his head or on the paper he looked at. While I don't agree with a lot of it, at least he was trying to keep his head.

    Overall, I have a feeling this will make a nice footnote to the season regardless of result, but unless we really get into a war of words, I doubt its going to mean much. But if nothing else, it'll be fun to see what comes about from this when they do meet on the pitch again.

  2. Rafa made a fool of himself today. Gone are the days of Sir Bobby Robson, Bobby Charlton ans even Alan Shearer who had some ounce of respect for their opponenets and the game. Which in my opnion is a shame.This I think will lead Liverpool off the rails,and just like with Newcastle in '96, United will comeback and win the League.

    Rafa has no class. No wonder they call him the fat Spanish waiter. He really needs to get him self in order first before questioning a well decorated veteran of the game. Hey Rafa, when you have coached the same team and helped build it out of nothing for almost 25 years, then you can talk. United have shown discipline in their games in the face criticism,and I think they will hold their ground with the three games in hand they have.

    These days everyone knows the league comes down to the last few games. So we have a long way to go. As a United fan I know I have a manager that has class, taste and history on his side. But never taunt United. They will bite you in the end my friend and its going to hurt. The whole football world might be jealous of us but thats ok with me. We are not the west london pretenders, the french foreign legion, nor are has beens from the pool. Leave Fergie alone and get on with it. Can't wait till March 14th. I for one look forward to the KOP choking on their words, and the Spanish waiter aka Spider man, silenced once and for all. Here comes our next title lads. Come United!

  3. “As a United fan I know I have a manager that has class, taste, and history on his side.”

    So why don't you let that guy manage instead of Fergie?

  4. When you get distracted by talking about meaningless crap, you draw a match and lose a season. Seems like a bad choice to be Rafa. If you paid attention to the game you wouldn't have helped Stoke stay out of the drop zone and be only 4 points ahead of Man U, and they have 2 games in hand — one of which is you at Old Trafford. Bad choice.

  5. Jeff H – the notes are exactly why Rafa is losing it. This wasn't a situation where he simply responded to a question; he was asked a question, went off on a tangent, pulled his notes out and worked through them. It's obvious this has been playing with him for a long time, and he's let the cracks show.


  6. Whatever. Rafa doesn't respond, he's “weak.” He does, he's “losing it.”

    Given those choices, his measured response was more than appropriate.

    Lot of season left. The League will not be won in January – and certainly not in the papers.

  7. #1. 5 points ahead.

    #2. By definition, the match with Liverpool is not a match in hand, wanker.

    Benitez gambled and rested Torres and Keane for the Everton-Everton-Zenit London stretch.

    With no Alonso, I would have started one, but so be it.

    Friday had no impact on Saturday.

    And this season is far from over.

    Start flapping your trap when Man U. is top in reality, and not just in “matches in hand” theory.

  8. So that'll be this Saturday at 5pm then will it? Manchester United's 2 games in hand are against Wigan and Fulham and will easily garner 6 points in those two matches. With the additional trip to Old Trafford, Liverpool will bottle it as they did in 1996. Liverpool will continue to drop points, the resting players argument is rubbish, 8 days between fixtures and you think he's resting them. United put 6 goals past Stoke, Liverpool couldn't muster 1.
    And the term is “games in hand”

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