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Aston Villa In the Top Four: Be Careful What You Wish For

aston villa zat knight Aston Villa In the Top Four: Be Careful What You Wish For

Back When it Was All So Simple

Imagine for a moment you’re walking through the streets of Manhattan on a lovely June day.  You pass by a Nike store and notice a display stand decked out in a familiar claret and blue.  Ashley Young poses next to January-transfer signing David Villa in a larger than life poster hovering over rack upon rack of Villa gear, everything from shorts to shoes to windbreakers.  Your friend asks the store clerk if they have any Arsenal shirts left.

“In the back somewhere I think, on discount.  Next to the Benfica kit.”

You’re still gobsmacked Aston Villa have just picked up their first Champions League title.  The year before that they’d won the league in spectacular fashion, beating Manchester United at Old Trafford 1-0 on the last day of the season.  Arsene Wenger left Arsenal at the end of that year, having barely been able to get the Gunners to qualify for the UEFA Cup.

Meanwhile, Villa shirts sell like crazy in North America. Bars have been jammed for months with twenty year-olds decked in Agbonlahor shirts talking up Peter Withe’s goal in the 1982 European Cup final as if they’d been there.  Aston Villa v. Liverpool is one of the headliners on Grand Slam Sunday, a game spiced up by remarks from Martin O’Neill on Ferguson’s impending retirement.  You go the neighbourhood pub to see the game and notice some old guy ponying up $20 to watch the Arsenal game on a Cantonese satellite feed.  As you sit down, you swear that guy next to you used to be a Chelsea fan.

“Me?” He answers, Martin O’Neill biography in hand, “I’ve been a Villan my whole life.”

You remember how it all began.  January 2009.  Sure, Villa were looking good, winning tough games against better opponents, winning games they shouldn’t have.  But you were convinced it would all end in tears.  Arsenal were struggling but you knew it was only a matter of time before they came roaring back to snatch the last Champions League spot.  The only way we could overtake them was to buy shrewdly in the New Year, and you knew for every Ashley Young at Villa there had been a Djemba-Djemba.  But O’Neill stuck to the plan, we got in Heskey plus a few lesser knowns, nothing earth-shattering.  Yet incredibly we held on for fourth, and that summer picked up some bright stars from the fire sale at relegated Man City. Everything seemed hunky-dory for that next season, but no expected that season would end with a Premier League win.

At first it was great; top of the league, stars from across Europe expressing interest in living in ‘hip and eclectic’ Birmingham.  But then came the day you did some grocery shopping in your Villa shirt when some twenty-something Gunner upped and called you a glory-hunter.  After that came the day in August when you watched AVFC’s home opener and got mobbed by twenty other Villa ‘fans’ when you were trying to enjoy your brunch.  Soon after you found yourself pining for the days of Doug Ellis, crap managers and meagre accomplishments, John Gregory and his Intertoto Cup triumph.  Now as you sit at home and watch Villa pick up their third, fourth and fifth league titles in a row, happy for your club but mothballing your Villa shirt, you have a inkling of how lonely it truly can be at the summit.

Especially when your aunt gets you Martin Laursen’s unauthorized biography for Christmas.

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13 Responses to Aston Villa In the Top Four: Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Gooner says:

    And you wake up with skid marks in your Villa bed!!!

  2. mcfcrob says:

    villa have already won the european cup or “champions league” as it is called today

  3. villabrum says:

    villa have won the champions league in 1982 so get your facts right

  4. connell says:

    You complete idiot. you complete and utter fucking idiot.

  5. Trinty Road STand says:

    <pedantry>In the same way that we've not won the Premier League title we've not won the Champions League</pedantry>

    Give the guy a chance. He's posted a humourous tale of what could befall the Villa if we go the same way as some of the other successful clubs of the last few years.

    Just imagine when you are refused entry to the Villa Tavern because you're not wearing a tie and people are handing out A4 copied sheets, not because Ellis won't buy a centre-forward, but because the Chablis in the Upper Holte celebrity bar and grill is too cold!

  6. joe says:

    brilliant! well written

  7. Hi Villabrum,

    I mentioned the 82 win in the article. I would only correct you by saying it was still the European Cup in 1982, and not yet the Champions League.



  8. thom says:

    so what? years of f**k all happening??? ill take this

  9. lion says:

    How many European Cups do you have?

  10. al says:

    There's only one Villa fan at the pub I go to for matches (I live in the States). I'm sure he'd love some company.

  11. Danish Villa fan says:

    Well written and funny. Very good read.

    Cheers from a life long Villa fan

  12. PaulieB says:

    Great stuff and good luck to Villa, they deserve more success in recent times since that League Cup win in 1996.

  13. Harvey says:

    This really would be living the dream. I long for the day that I am called a glory hunter

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