Ray Hudson Interview & Behind The Scenes At GolTV

goltv-logo.jpgLa Liga Talk got a rare glimpse behind the scenes at GolTV studios in Miami recently to witness what goes into producing live matches that are shown on U.S. television.

The following video features an interview with GolTV commentator Ray Hudson as well as rare footage of Hudson and fellow commentator Phil Schoen in a soundproof room calling a live game (featuring Real Madrid against Malaga) as well as footage from the studio and video of the Spanish speaking commentators calling the game in their native tongue from the adjoining studio.

Enjoy the video:


If you want to watch more of Ray Hudson, visit Major League Soccer Talk for another exclusive interview.

One thought on “Ray Hudson Interview & Behind The Scenes At GolTV”

  1. To hell with Hudson. He makes all this noise about the beautiful game and then turns a blind eye to its glaring ugliness. No respect for him or Phil “Shame”

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