Martin Tyler Interview: Questions Please


Martin Tyler will be the featured guest on the first 2009 episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

The number one football commentator in the world began his commentating career in 1974, and was recently voted as the Premier League Commentator of The Decade.

If you’ve listened to an episode of the EPL Talk Podcast before, you’ll know that you — the readers and listeners — have a chance to pose your questions to our featured guests. If you have any questions you’d like us to ask Mr. Tyler in your name, please post them below. We’ll pick out the best ones and EPL Talk Podcast host Johnathan Starling will read them out on-air to Mr. Tyler.

Thanks in advance for your intelligent questions!

8 thoughts on “Martin Tyler Interview: Questions Please”

  1. Hi Martin,
    a couple of questions from me:
    I saw you comment recently that you felt refereeing in the Coca-Cola Championship was more player-friendly than in the Premier League? What exactly did you mean by this and what do you base this judgement on? Who are your favourite PL referees and how much contact do you have with them before/after games?

    Secondly, who do you rate as being other decent commentators in the industry and do you talk to/offer advice to any other commentators?

    Thirdly, you generally seem to cover Sunday 4pm games for Sky – could you give us an idea of what sort of routine you would have in the build-up to the game (research, travel, etc) and what you do on the matchday? Also, I like it when the camera shows the commentations in shot betore the game but this doesn't seem to happen as much anymore – could you possibly try to get it back for the big matches?!

    All the best!

  2. Hi Martin,

    First of all just a quick comment of thanks and appreciation for the work and dedication that you afforded the world of football throughout your career and I always relish the games that we get to see in the US when you are at the mike.

    My question is did you (or do you still) have a favourite team that you supported growing up? And if so, as you built your career how on earth do you manage to show no bias or take sides when calling a game? What is like to call an England match and keep an even keel?!! I'm pretty sure I would be fired after the first half of trying to announce an Ipswich Town match….keep up the great work and Cheers!!

  3. Hello Martin,

    I'd like to tell you how much I enjoy your work. I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Are you are aware of the substantial thread which has been running on Digital Spy since the beginning of 2005, discussing football commentators?

    2. The thread was started when you stopped covering all of the “Super Sunday” games for Sky Sports. Why did your position change at Sky at that time?

    3. Although you commentated for the Australian market, do you regret not having the opportunity to commentate for the UK on the 2005 Champions League final (Liverpool/Milan)?

    4. Do yourself and Andy Gray still have a £1 bet on the score of each game you commentate on?


  4. Hi Martin,

    You are a fantastic commentator, and I'm sure your job can be absolutely thrilling at times, but do you have any stand-out moments or special highlights from your long career as a football commentator?

    And by the same token, are there any horror stories from your time as a commentator, whether it be at a World Cup or just a routine Premier League match? Have there been any moments when it has all gone terribly wrong?

    Thanks alot.

  5. hi Sir Martins,
    I am desperate about becoming a football commentator in the nearest future.
    Help me out! I need some guidelines on how to; then a career as football commentator
    thanks in anticipation
    Blessing Joseph

  6. Hello,
    Im doing a project on you for school.
    We need to have information on family life and growing up.
    Can you tell me a little bit about your childhood and family throughout a young age until about highshcool?

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