Football Manager Live Trailer


Sports Interactive has released a trailer for its much anticipated Football Manager Live game. The new game was launched in November 2008, but the trailer was just released to help spread the word about the new game.

Football Manager Live differs significantly from previous Football Manager titles, whilst keeping the same match engine and many of their fundamental concepts.

Users are assigned to a “game world” of up to 1000 players and create their club and fill their roster with real players, similar to fantasy football. Players are signed via a proxy bidding system with the player signing with the highest-bidding club. Whilst Football Manager Live utilises a very similar database to that of Football Manager 2009, like it’s offline counterpart, aging players retire and younger players generated in their place within each gameworld, creating an increasingly fictional environment as seasons progress.

The trailer is well produced and set in a typical English cafe. And, is it me or does one of the English blokes look like Jack Black?

Watch the trailer now:


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