Javier Garrido: The Forgotten Man


The transfer window has been open a few days but there’s only one signing that has been announced thus far in the Premier League and that’s the Wayne Bridge move from Chelsea to Manchester City for an undisclosed sum thought to be around £10 million.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the big news of the new signings in the transfer window, but what is often overlooked by major news organizations is who the new signing is likely to replace. Some poor sod is often pushed out to the substitute’s bench. Or, worse yet, to a lower league club. All of the attention goes to the big name new star, while everyone forgets about “that other bloke.”

In Manchester City’s case, that poor sod is left back Javier Garrido who, if he stays at Manchester City, will unlikely see a starting place in the side unless Bridge gets injured or rested for a UEFA Cup match AND the same thing happens to fellow left-back Michael Ball.

Garrido joined Manchester City in the 2007 August transfer window for £1.5 million and has made 37 appearances for the club after coming from Real Sociedad. One of his few shining moments for City was the stunning free kick he scored in October 2008 against Liverpool in the 2-3 defeat.

In the 2008-2009 season, Manchester City’s defence has gone from bad to worse with some dreadful performances. City currently has the seventh worst defence in the Premier League this season. They’ve been letting in an average of 1.50 goals per match, and the figure rises to 1.90 when calculating away matches.

Garrido’s last appearance for City was in their embarrassing performance against Racing Santander in the UEFA Cup. In the league, he continues to sit on the bench without being played. The last time he played in the Premier League was November 30th in the 1-0 loss to Manchester United. And so far this season, he has also had 10 league appearances.

While Garrido isn’t the only player to blame, his form has not been fitting a Premier League of City’s calibre (or what they should be achieving). He has been particularly exposed this season down the left wing for City, especially against Racing Santander.

Throughout the January transfer window, I’ll be taking a look at “The Forgotten Men,” and Javier Garrido is the first in the series. So while all of the cameras and lights are shining on the new transfer signings, spare a thought for the men who see the writing on the wall.

Let’s not forget the other Manchester City player that needs to be worried about the signing of Wayne Bridge, and that is Michael Ball, City’s other left-back who has started the majority of matches for City as left-back this season. Last season, Garrido was the left-back who started most matches and it was Ball who was eyeing his position as a substitute. But this season, Hughes had shown more faith in Ball than the Spaniard.


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