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The third round of the FA Cup is usually one of the highlights of the year when we get to watch tiny non-league teams (i.e. David) battle it out against massive Premier League clubs (i.e. Goliath) at quaint football grounds in the cold of winter.

This year, for TV viewers in the United States, the experience will be quite different. Instead of the matches just appearing on Fox Soccer Channel and pay-per-view, the games will be televised by both Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports. The end result is more FA Cup matches on US television than ever before.

Another quirk, courtesy of Setanta Sports in the UK, is that there’s a Friday FA Cup match which will be televised by Fox Soccer Channel.

Here’s the complete schedule for this weekend’s FA Cup matches on U.S. TV. All times eastern.

Friday, January 2nd:

  • Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan Athletic, 10am, Setanta Sports

Saturday, January 3rd:

  • Forest Green Rovers vs Derby County, 10am, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Macclesfield vs Everton, 10am, Setanta Sports
  • Hull City vs Newcastle United, 10am, Setanta Xtra (replayed at 12:15pm on Setanta Sports)
  • Preston North End vs Liverpool, Noon, Fox Soccer Channel

Sunday, January 4th:

  • Gillingham vs Aston Villa, 8:30am ET, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Southampton vs Manchester United, 11am, Setanta Sports

Monday, January 5th:

  • Blyth Spartans vs Blackburn Rovers, 3pm, Fox Soccer Channel

To me, the most interesting matches will be Blyth against Blackburn, Forest Green Rovers against Derby and Macclesfield against Everton. What remains to be seen is whether the Premier League clubs will be fielding full-strength sides in their FA Cup matches. I’m sure many players will be rested, but there’s still no excuse why the Premier League teams can’t beat their lesser opposition.

Other matches to keep an eye on, that aren’t televised, but could feature upsets are:

  • Hartlepool vs Stoke City,
  • Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham,
  • West Ham United vs Barnsley,
  • Middlesbrough vs Barrow,
  • Chelsea vs Southend,
  • Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest,
  • West Brom vs Peterborough,
  • Histon vs Swansea City, and
  • Arsenal vs Plymouth.

5 thoughts on “Schedule Of FA Cup Matches On US TV”

  1. Thanks Gaffer and Happy New Year. We often miss out on the FA Cup matches in the US. This year the New Years weekend makes viewing a lot easier. Still with the TV schedules the networks do not do a good job of keeping us posted. Any news on Setanta on Comcast in Chicago?

  2. Thanks Lou. No word on Setanta on Comcast in Chicago, but now that other Comcast regionals have added Setanta, there's a greater chance it'll be soon. Keep on calling Comcast in Chicago to request it be added. The more people who write or phone them the better.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    The Gaffer

  3. I for one have been enjoying the lead up to our match up with Man Utd, we will have a full house for the first time in years, and on the telly. Everyone in the world thinks we will lose, so actually we have nothing to lose and everything to win. If we do lose I just hope we go down with a fight, if all else fails I will be following the glamour model come Saints fan in celebrity big brother.

    Would you be interested in a link up ?

  4. Cheers gaffer, but I do not believe that my Owls have the health right now to defeat an EPL team. Even if it is just lowly Fulham. Kind words from you though and I still will be tuning into BBC Radio Sheffield to listen to the match.

  5. A heads up to all DirecTV subscribers. I got an e-mail today that there will be a free preview of Setanta Sports January 3 and 4, so there for those who don't subscribe to Setanta (myself included), we'll still get to catch all the action there this weekend.

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