Premier League Needs A New Sponsor

premierleague_home.gifThe 2010-2011 season could be a turning point for the Premier League. ESPN could have the TV rights to the league by then and could share it with either Sky Sports or Setanta Sports in the UK, and possibly Setanta Sports in the United States. And now we learn that the Premier League may have a new sponsor beginning that season because Barclays Bank are reviewing their sponsorship decisions.

It’s about time the Premier League gets a new sponsor. Barclays has sponsored the league since 2001 and has added an air of respectability to the Premiership. But it’s time to change. Barclays is not a global brand, so the millions that the bank spends on sponsoring the Premier League has no relevance to me because there are no Barclays Banks nearby. Sure, it helps the bank overseas especially in new markets such as Asia, but what the Premier League needs is a global brand that is respectable and that can take the Premiership to the next level in terms of money.

Last year I wrote about how the Premier League were risking losing their brand-name recognition after they decided to officially drop the “Premiership” name and replace it with the official name of the league, the “Barclays Premier League” (BPL). I criticized the decision at the time because the initials would have to change whenever a sponsor changed.

For example, what would happen if, hypothetically, Siemens became the new sponsor of the league. The league’s new acronym would be the SPL. But everyone knows that the SPL is the Scottish Premier League, so unnecessary confusion would be created. I believe that the Premier League should stick to being called “the Premier League, sponsored by [insert name]” and drop the ridiculous acronym idea.

Who do you think would be the right sponsor for the Premier League if and when Barclays Bank doesn’t renew its agreement? Click the comments link below and let us know.

6 thoughts on “Premier League Needs A New Sponsor”

  1. Well considering the global market, and marketing budgets have been slashed in just about every industry…

    How about Microsoft. They had 10 million to run some crap ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. just call it the MSPL

  2. Actually, Barclays does have a global brand. IT may not have retail banks in every market but it's capital management unit is a worldwide unit. In fact, Barclays purchased the naming rights for the new NBA arena in Brooklyn. I wouldn't discount them as an international brand, they have a strong history and an eye on the future.

  3. Coca Cola. They are a worldwide brand (from my hometown). They sponsor English leagues already. They sponsor football all over the world. Financially, they are doing fairly well. I'm drinking a Coke right now. Aren't you?

  4. Wait… I'm interested in the first part of this story. If ESPN and Sentana have the rights to the EPL next year, will I still be able to see (about) half the games on Fox Sports or will I need to have ESPN for the half I usually get.

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