Roy Keane: Perfect Fit For Blackburn Rovers Job


Paul Ince has been sacked as manager of Blackburn Rovers. It’s not much of a surprise, especially after their convincing loss away to Wigan on Saturday, but they need to move quickly to replace Ince. Blackburn face Stoke on Saturday in a must-win relegation battle.

I believe the perfect replacement for Paul Ince is Roy Keane. Sure, he’s volatile and unpredictable but he’s the perfect spark that Blackburn needs to reignite their season.

In August 2006, Roy Keane joined Sunderland as manager of the club when they were second from bottom in the Championship table. By April 2007, Keane had completely turned the club around and helped Sunderland secure promotion to the Premier League.

While life in the Premier League had been rocky for Keane this season, Ewood Park would be an ideal environment for Keane. First, it’s not too far from his Cheshire home. Second, Keane has a lot to prove. By keeping Blackburn in the Premier League, Keane’s failure at Sunderland will be a distant memory. Third, the Blackburn squad are a decent side that are capable of moving up the table. But they need a manager who can turnaround the side, change its tactics and give the players a self belief that they can win matches. That person is Roy Keane.

9 thoughts on “Roy Keane: Perfect Fit For Blackburn Rovers Job”

  1. He signed Chopra for £5mil, calling him a fox in the box then played him on the wing. Chopra is neither a winger nor a 5 million quid fox in the flipping box. And when that didnt work, he sent him out on loan; to Cardiff; the club who sold Chopra at over the odds to Sunderland in the first place. Good call!

  2. Curbs is the man for me… Keano the Psycho????? no way! Sam the Bung defo not! Souey!!!!! arrrggghhhh! Hughes could come back afterall the mancs don;t want him!

    We want our Sparky back !

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