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The Final Word – Two Weeks In Italian Football

I really have to apologize to all Serie A Talk readers as there was so much to discuss in Italian football during the previous forthnight and I haven’t had the time to keep up with it all. 

Team with the Final Word

roma celebrate The Final Word   Two Weeks In Italian FootballThe last two weeks have seen several firsts and record setting events including, Jeremy Menez scoring his first goal for Roma. Menez would follow it up with a mid-week assist on captain Francesco Totti’s goal against Bordeaux.  Roma’s win over Bordeaux completed an important victory enabling the team to qualify for the next stage of Champions League.  The Giallorossi would complete another first by beating out London’s Chelsea in winning Group A easily making them team of the week while they continue to surge up the Serie A table not losing in their last 5 Serie A matches, last 8 including Champions League play.

Player with the Final Word

del piero 250th goal The Final Word   Two Weeks In Italian FootballNext up, Alessandro Del Piero scoring his record setting two hundred and fiftieth-career goal after slotting home a penalty fifteen minutes from the final whistle, in Juventus’ 4 – 0 trouncing of Reggina on matchday 14.  How can you not love this guy especially when he explains,

“It’s a lot for a striker, 250 goals (or is it 251?!). Even if they are not and should not be everything, because the team comes first of all. That is not a cliché, it is the only way you can win.”

Future Transfer with the Final Word

Making the news has been the rumour mill on transfers currently working at 110%.  I’m finding it hard to keep up with the many player names dropped as potential transfers from the other leagues to Serie A. 

anderson panucci pointers The Final Word   Two Weeks In Italian Football

One I’ve really enjoyed reading about is the Brazilian Anderson, (currently with Manchester United) who explains,

“I think one day I will play in Italy” continuing, “Your football is tactically the best in the world and certainly the most intelligent. Every player longs to challenge himself in Serie A. You are masters and everyone knows it, even those who are jealous.”

These are the final words in a fortnight of Italian football next up, Juventus vs. AC Milan and Matchday 16.


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