Oliver Luck: Wheeling and Dealing


Houston Dynamo GM Oliver Luck doesn’t like to lose. That’s a good thing because in his tenure the Dynamo haven’t done much losing. The former West Virginia and Houston Oiler QB is a competitor of the highest order and when things don’t happen the way they are supposed, Luck isn’t going to sit with folded hands. Whether its a stadium deal with the city or the failure of the Dynamo to win a third consecutive MLS Cup, changes are happening rapidly in Houston.

Yesterday’s news involving the trade of Dwayne DeRossorio one of the finest players in MLS history to Toronto FC is just the beginning.  This past season in both MLS and CONCACAF play, youngsters Geoff Cameron. Corey Ashe, and Stuart Holden proved they can lead a team. While DeRossorio adds instant credibility to Mo Johnson’s TFC club, “trader Mo’s” track record is spotty at best while Oliver Luck’s track record is almost impeccable. It seems every move Houston has made in the past three years within MLS has been a good one.

The DeRo deal is just the beginning. I believe we will see a radically different team in Houston next season: more depth and younger. Some mainstays like Rico Clark and Brian Ching will be around, but do not be surprised to see the likes of Brian Mullan, Brad Davis or even Eddie Robinson elsewhere when the new season begins.

2 thoughts on “Oliver Luck: Wheeling and Dealing”

  1. Good column. Houston seems set for a shakeup. Don't be surprised if Wade Barrett is considered for a move out. Chabala looks promising and a slow player like Barrett is a risk as he slows in his 30s.

    Mullan is an underrated career pro in MLS. But he depends on quickness as his edge and might have some trouble in the next couple of years. I think he's good for at least 2009 and good cap value. Davis saw his playing time decrease late this year (I'm not sure how much was due to injury?). Ashe is demanding more time and it's tough to bulid a team around both being on the field together …

    Spot on that Holden is ready to step up. Cameron has progressed over 2008 into a nice squad player but I'm not convinced yet he'll take that next step. Most likely a Sasha Victorine-like career.

    I hope the real Eddie Robinson is back for 2009. Despite his occasional antics, I can't help but like the guy.

    DeRo disappointed a bit in 2008. I wouldn't write him off yet but this might turn out to be a wise cap move, plus it's good for the league (and surely DeRo) to have him in Toronto. James has top-end upside and improved during 2008. I'm not fully sold on him, but I'm getting there.

  2. Looks like a win-win deal for both TFC and Houston. I like seeing another Canadian national team member on TFC and Houston needed to free up cap money.

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