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Champions League football returns today with both Chelsea and Liverpool in action. Chelsea is at home versus Cluj in a must-win game for Gene Hackman, I mean Luiz Felipe Scolari, (ESPN2 and ESPN360, 2:30pm ET) while PSV takes on Liverpool in a must-score game for Robbie Keane (Setanta Sports, 2:30pm ET).

In the meantime, here are several articles from around the soccer blogosphere that I think you’ll enjoy:

5 thoughts on “Soccer News From The Blogosphere”

  1. Come on Danny, the Gene Hackman comparison has been going around for ages. Setanta stole it from someone else. Not sure who came up with it first, but it definitely wasn't Setanta nor me.

    The Gaffer

  2. This is the first time I've seen you post it. And since it just came out on the “I'm on Setanta Sports”, I'll stick to my guns here.

    Well I'm factoring in what a hack job you do with West Ham too, so its not based on nothing–there is precedent.

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