Poll: Where Will Roy Keane Go Next?

Former Sunderland manager Roy Keane has expressed an interest in returning to football management sometime in the near future, but which club do you predict he’ll most likely end up at next? Vote now.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Where Will Roy Keane Go Next?”

  1. Portsmouth: Tony Adam did quite well with the team, I don't think they will change the manager.

    Blackburn Rovers: Highest possibility among the other 3 since Paul Ince was having a bad result after the departure of Mark Hughes.

    Manchester City: Mark Hughes is likely to leave Manchester City due to the interfere of the owner. But, I think Man City will look for someone with better achievement instead of Roy Keane.

    Manchester United: Roy Keane might be the future manager for Manchester United. I think he need more experience to lead Manchester United. He really have the quality to be a great manager, but just lack of experience.

  2. Im not so sure anyone in the PL will want him, especially considering the unemployed managers that are also out in the market.

    I see him landing with a Championship side like QPR…

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