Poll: Who's The Worst Player In The Premier League?


Emmanuel Eboue had a nightmare performance for Arsenal against Wigan at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday. So many bad passes. So many mistakes on the ball. And it was the Arsenal fans that were booing him. Watch the highlights here, if you missed them.

But while Eboue had a disaster of a day, how does it compare to performances by other Premier League players? Vote now to decide who is the worst footballer in the Premiership.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Who's The Worst Player In The Premier League?”

  1. Didn't vote because of no Titus Bramble…and can something be done about the survey pop-up? I've taken it once, but every time I visit it's there

  2. Gomes is getting better (although he probably hasn't worked his way off a deserved place o n this list) and has been subject to defensive issues and a change in coach. Now that he has a perm GK coach, things seem better. But notice that most of the issues he's had have come from crosses down his left flank. That's why I voted for BAE…..hate that mofo.

  3. I thought it was a poor move by Wenger to bring Eboue off so late in the game. It just gave the fans a chance to heap abuse on him when he was already shaken. He doesnt deserve to be on the list, not an elite player but he's not rubbish either.

    What exactly are we voting on as 'worst'? Overall skill? Most number of poor performances? Bad attitude towards his own team? The last one is the only way I can see Chimbonda making the list. He's a decent enough player when his head is in the game.

    What about those players who were bought/signed over the summer but turned out to not be good enough to crack the starting lineup on a regular basis….like Dossena, Jo, etc

  4. I have to agree with ls7's comment. I'm and Arsenal fan, and I've never rated Eboue since the 05/06 season when he played right back and actually did pretty well, but I don't think he's absolute sh*t either. He's put in some poor performances, diving a lot, making poor decisions, but the performance against Wigan was the only one where I've wanted him taken off because he looked like he didn't care. This was the first time where he moped about and never tried to get the ball back when he lost it. The way the fans treated him was somewhat justified (even though it was a little extreme), but to cheer like that when he was taken off was unacceptable.

    I don't think you can call him the WORST player in the league when you've only had one piss poor performance. If you do rate these players on their performances, than Bramble has to win by a long shot. He's KNOWN to have these kind of screw ups in games and has easily lost his team dozens of points due to unimaginably bad defending. He also has continually screwed up for multiple teams, I don't know many players who've actually done that, it's quite a feat.

    Boumsong was pretty bad as well…that's a concerning combination for any team. Maybe we should start a “Worst XI” team now, that'd be fun. I'd have to think about that.

  5. You probably think I'm crazy but Titus Bramble has had a great season so far except for a few isolated mistakes where he has lost concentration. He's improved considerably since his Newcastle days. Should he have been included in the poll? Based on your reaction, yes!

    Should anyone else other than Gomes and Bramble be added?

    The Gaffer

  6. Tal Ben Haim has to be in the conversation too – guy gets beat consistently, then breaks out his Krav Maga training to recover. I still don't understand why Chelsea signed him last year, even on a free!

    Eboue takes the cake though, due to bonus points earned by starting for a “Big 4” team.

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