NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals Preview

 NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals Preview

The NCAA Soccer Tournament is nearing its conclusion. Eight teams remain from the initial 48 team field.

The match ups this weekend:

1- Wake Forest  vs 8- South Florida

Wake Forest’s Marcus Tracey is probably the most talented player in NCAA Soccer. The Bulls had a great season but are a big underdog to the defending champions.

Northwestern  vs 13- North Carolina

North Carolina scored twice late in the Round of 16 to beat UIC. Northwestern’s defense has been solid all year long and I like their chances here also. 

2- Maryland vs 7- Creighton

Jeremy Hall, a former US youth national team prospect helps lead the Terps. Andrei Gotsmanov leads the Jays and he has a professional future. 

3- St John’s vs 6- Indiana

Sverre Wegge Gundhus is a player to keep an eye on for the Red Storm. Indiana has gotten through a fairly easy draw to get to this point, but the Hoosiers are never an easy out in the NCAA Tournament. 

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