Who Are The All-Time League Leaders in English Football?


If you took every professional team in English football and compiled an all-time league table that calculated the number of points the clubs have earned since their existence, which teams would be at the top? You may be surprised by the findings:

  1. Manchester United, 5559 points
  2. Liverpool, 5513
  3. Arsenal, 5346
  4. Wolverhampton Wanderers, 5137
  5. Preston North End, 5105
  6. Aston Villa, 5005
  7. Sheffield United, 5002
  8. Sunderland, 4993
  9. Everton, 4987
  10. Burnley, 4979

Where do the other Premier League clubs rank?

  • Blackburn, 11th position
  • Bolton, 12th position
  • West Bromwich Albion, 13th position
  • Manchester City, 14th position
  • Newcastle United, 15th position
  • Chelsea, 27th position
  • Stoke, 29th position
  • Hull, 31st position
  • Middlesbrough, 34th place
  • Tottenham, 39th place
  • Fulham, 40th place
  • Portsmouth, 63rd place
  • West Ham, 64th position
  • Wigan, 91st position

Who would have guessed that clubs like Burnley, Bury, Grimsby, Barnsley and Blackpool would have a better all-time points total than Chelsea?!

How can you account for the 46 point gap between Liverpool and Manchester United? It’s simple. United were founded in 1878 as Newton Heath, while Liverpool was formed 14 years later in 1892.

What for you are some of the surprising statistics from the all-time league table?

Source: Statto.

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