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Man United: One Step Away From Equaling Liverpool's Greatness

liverpool manchester united Man United: One Step Away From Equaling Liverpool's Greatness

Out of all of the races near the top, bottom and middle of the Premier League this season, perhaps the most ignored battle is the one between England’s two most successful clubs: Liverpool and Manchester United.

If Man United can win the Premier League title this season, the Red Devils will equal the most number of championship titles held by an English club: the 18 achieved by Liverpool. The championship titles include the number of Premier League and First Division titles won.

You can imagine how determined Sir Alex Ferguson is to make Manchester United the most successful club in English football history.

Liverpool will hope to open up an eight point gap between the Reds and the Red Devils tonight when they play West Ham United at Anfield. A win or a draw will move Liverpool into first place and in a commanding position to hold on to the first place spot between now and the end of the year.

What do you think? Can Liverpool extend the number of title wins and push further ahead of United? Or will Sir Alex Ferguson surpass Liverpool’s record and become the most successful team in English football?

Remember that United have three European titles under their belt, while Liverpool have five (counting Champions League and European Cup trophies). Fergie will be trying to equal or surpass that record, too, I’m sure.

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29 Responses to Man United: One Step Away From Equaling Liverpool's Greatness

  1. kev says:

    even if the dirty mancs win number 18 they still have to win 2 more champs league just to be on equal terms, so sorry all the man u fans it will never happen, yous will always be number 2, but don't get to down 2nd is still very good its jusst not as good as 1st ha ha, yous are all from Telford and anywhere but MANCHESTER ANYWAY so start supporting your local team U judas turn-coats.

  2. Joseph says:

    It`s tight, but yea it could happen let`s not forget that Liverpool have been missing for 18 yrs now so if they can`t win the PL this year i don`t know when they can, at the moment they have a good compact team, superb manager and luck is always smiling at them on the other hand we know united are not to be underestimated and they can easly climb the ladder in no time.. Then again there is chelsea that although scolari hasn`t won with any of the top four yet they are still showing determination. Regarding the CL i don`t think there is any other team that can equal Liverpool, Europe has always been there forte and they still showing that at the present day. Anyway Good luck Liverpool let`s hope they can increase the gap against the mighty mancs.. in no time fergie will trow the towel and united will be a mediocre team like they always were before his era!

  3. Bill says:

    Let me put it this way. Alex Fxxxx won his second Euro Cup after almost 10yrs. The third one for him…….will happen when the entire ocean dry up.

  4. Ian says:

    To judge a team as the greatest ever i personally think you should include all trophies.
    League Cup…………………..7……………………….2
    Charity Shield………………..15……………………..17
    SUPER/Cup winners…….4………………………..2

    To judge it purely on the league would be wrong as you have teams like liverpool who would rotate just to concentrate on the CL and teams that stick to here best 11 in the league to concentrate purely on the league. For instance Fergy now wants our record so will be gunning for the league whereas Rafa still wants the champions league aswell, and as we've seen will always ratate around a CL game.

  5. L44ever says:

    Why Ferguson buys Berbatov (27m)when they already have Rooney (30m) and Tevez(32m) is a real sign why he is so serious in knocking Livpool of the f..kin.. perch! He live his live just to do this!!

    Three expensive strikers in the squad..Rooney bought many many years ago for a fortune.(not last year!)

    Liverpool just bought Torres (22m) last year and Robbie Keane (20m)this year and so much noise was made by the media!! We needed the money to match them long long time ago ..So Dear Tom and George sell your shares off to DIC ASAPso that we can ensure that they don't even come close to the perch.

    Rafa had to go for bargains and sub10m (untested )players all this while for the other positions ..that was why Man U came this close..purchasing power advantage over the last ten years and a stable management.

  6. Raatzie says:

    Is the sale still viable given the current price of oil? Isn't Abramowich struggling right now?

  7. m34reds says:

    Response to Ian: If you're going to get statistical with us, why not include the number of fans you've killed on your way to amounting your trophy haul?

    We've won it three times,
    We've won it three times,
    Without killing anyone, we've won it three times

  8. Sausage Chops says:

    Liverpool have the highest amount of season ticket holders in the Premier League not in the geographical area.
    Manchester United have the 4th highest.

  9. Django says:

    Fucking classless comment m34reds.

  10. m34reds says:

    without killing anyone….we've won it three times

  11. Magd says:

    Al Ahly will win the cub. Then, all of you will come to congratulate us.


    Liverpool supporters hold the record for murdering most fans throughout europe.

  13. Michael Shields. says:

    If them scummers win it this year, i will give all my 'Baccy Rations to Big blud….

    It wont happen.

    Ive more chance of turning the corner and being released than they have of winning it.

    Can someone Pm Stevvvie G and tell him i have him a 'Top bunk' earmarked.

  14. Ken Dodd says:


  15. Ian.

    Damn you and your carling cup dominance.

  16. Basher says:

    LMAO @ Ian. As if anyone cares about the League cup and the UEFA cup. They're a joke. All that matters is the league, CL & FA cup. Even a blind man would say there's nothing in it at the moment. We've got 31 major trophies to your 30. The next five years will see us over the 35 mark, you would be lucky to win the FA cup and make it 31.

  17. Sean Mercer says:

    Ha ha ha. You include the Charity Shield in your calculations? How very small time.
    Someone said Manchester is always number 2 to Liverpool, where have Liverpool been for the best part of 20 years? Most of your fans have never seen you win the league and the best footballer Merseyside has ever produced wanted to play his football in Manchester.
    Long may Liverpool's 'greatness' continue.

    Justice for Georgiev.

  18. Kenny Dogleash says:

    United will get to 20 before the dippers,factofreakinmundo la !

  19. Stevie G lar ! says:

    I was f*ckin bladdered in a bar in Southport last night,me and me mates kicked f*ck out of a Manc,8 onto 1,good scouse odds them,threw a cup of shit over him for good measure.

  20. Tommy Smith says:


  21. michael slabhead says:

    i hope steve geeeeeeeeeee doesnt get send down, his penalty cheating ability would be a huge loss and could cost us dearly

  22. Sticky Fingers says:

    Nice one der stevie gerrin nicked like. we're gonnaz doo your house over while youzz are inside biting a pillow.

  23. Honest Kev Keegan says:

    I would honestly LOVE IT..if United get to 20 before Liverpool..LOVE IT..I tell yer.

  24. Pancake says:

    Pancakes for Mrs G

  25. European Capital of Trophies says:

    Dem der rat eaters iz top but The World Champions iz favourites for da league.

    Wazz gowin on la?

  26. Justice for the 39 says:




  28. Ash says:

    It'd be a special day when (not if!) Man Utd overtakes that small club on both counts. And the day is near…

    Go United!

  29. ManU says:

    Anyway all that Liv had won were histroy,long gone before you were born. We are in 90s and 20s which realy counts. With that records NO other clubs can ever beat ManUnited records. What Liverpool had achieved in the 60s to 80s were gone with time and forgotten and what happened in the 90s till todate realy counts. So wake up you liverpool fans from your fantasies and look where you are now be positive about it by looking to the future.

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