Chelsea Suffer Arsenal Disease In 1-2 Killer Blow


For the first 60 minutes at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, the game looked remarkably familiar. Chelsea were passing the ball beautifully around the pitch. Wonderful movement off the ball. Using incredible amounts of imagination and creativity. Yet they couldn’t seem to score that crucial second goal.

Sound familiar?

Chelsea were Arsenal. Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side were a joy to watch, but they wasted chance after chance and failed to put the game out of Arsenal’s reach. Instead it was Arsenal, who played very much unlike the Arsenal we know and admire, that were the most decisive when they took the few chances they received to record an incredible 2-1 victory at Stamford Bridge.

After Johan Djourou’s own goal gifted Chelsea their goal in the first half, it was up to Robin van Persie to capitalize on two gilt-edge chances to win the match for the Gunners. The second was a beautiful twist and turn to kick the ball past the reach of Petr Cech, but van Persie’s first goal was mired in controversy.

My first reaction was that van Persie was completely offside, but TWI co-commentator Robbie Earle was quick to call the goal a correct decision after he noticed that the ball deflected off Ashley Cole into van Persie’s path. After rewinding the play in the game several times, I could see how Earle’s reading of the game was spot on.

Here’s how the rest of the media summed up the controversial incident:

“He looked well offside when he drilled home the equaliser after 59 minutes” — Phil McNulty, BBC Sport.

“As the Brazilian slipped the ball through, Van Persie was clearly offside. Mike Dean waved play on, mysteriously, allowing the Dutchman to beat Cech with a strong right-footed finish.” — Henry Winter, The Telegraph, and

“The first of Robin van Persie’s goals, should have been ruled offside.” — Kevin McCarra, The Guardian.

So, who was correct? Should the goal have stood and did Robbie Earle make the right call that everyone else missed? I’m siding with Earle on this one, but post your feedback below by clicking the comments link.

12 thoughts on “Chelsea Suffer Arsenal Disease In 1-2 Killer Blow”

  1. I know what you are saying about the nick off of cole but its bollocks. If this is the case then a player could goal hang while his team mates try and blast the ball off of defenders, no doubt bolton will become masters of this tactic.

    The first goal should not have stood and I am an Arsenal fan. Good article though nice comparison between what usually happens to us and today.

    Dont worry too much, you fuckers will still win the league.

  2. Another Arsenal fan and i will admit it wasnt a goal either, even if it nicks Cole , Van persie was offside for the pass before it hit Cole so i cant see how it would be onside unless Cole was backpassing. Scolari has made it clear what he felt :) Nice to Arsenal get some luck for a change and take the few chances we got. Chelsea look strange this year, they can thrash teams but then in close games they seem to struggle much more so than I remember in recent years. Early days but I am beginning to think United will now catch them.

  3. Simon Burke's nailed it. RVP was offside when the pass was made. Doesn't matter if it bounces off Chelsea players. Not sure where Robbie Earle was getting his interpretation from.

  4. Looked offside to me.

    I still think Chelsea is the most complete club and will win the league. One point at home from the Big Three is worrisome, but they TCB against the others better then the other three, particularly Arsenal and Liverpool, seem able to.

    Congrats to the Gunners for two giant-killing performances.

  5. i felt that the first goal was a clear offiside and should not have been allowed. But anyways , Robin Van Persie's second goal was pure quality. This shows that they have the forwards of the highest quality. Besides, I still expected Chelsea to show a fightback but they just could not come back. Something is surely going wrong – two losses at the stamford Bridge. But this loss means that the premier league is still wide open with Arsenal still in the hunt. It was a great game of football.


  6. After the rubbish offsides goals (that's right, multiple) from Drogs last season this was just poetic justice for the lads. Yes he was off, and after the reaming we got last season from officials I will expect a few more controversial decisions to bounce this way. Let's get to Boxing Day within 5-7 and we're in baby! Wenger is going to bring in at least one player, maybe two, at the most three.

  7. Law 11 – Offside

    Q. An attacking player, bringing the ball up the field, attempts to pass the ball to his teammate, B. Player B is in an offside position. However, before the pass reaches player B, the ball deflects off a defender. The deflection ends up going directly to player B, who was in an offside position at the time of the intended pass. Is the play stopped and offside penalty assessed?
    A. Offside. The deflection by the opponent does not change the fact that the player in the offside position gained an advantage from his position and was therefore actively involved in play.

  8. As long as the original pass was intended for van Persie the pass is considered to have been made by Denilson to van Persie.Did Cole deflect the ball in van Persie's path when it wouldn't have reached there otherwise? No, it was always intended for van Persie and it reached him so it was offside.

  9. Obviously, all here agree it was offside. But those are the breaks. Great finish, though! If RVP had blasted high and wide, then we wouldn't be talking about this. You have to play through the whistle, as they say in American football. Great second goal, too. As a Chelsea fan, they didn't deserve to win. I agree that they have been very inconsistent, with two home losses this year, and some very poor UCL results (Roma, Bordeaux). It's all for the best, as a close, 4- or 5-way race makes things interesting at season's end!

  10. you have to be kidding, i didnt bother reading the article after i read the 'media summation'


    it was offiside

    thanks for that

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