Fox Soccer Snooze Day

fox-soccer-channel1.jpgNumber of days since an English football club scored a goal during Fox Soccer Channel’s live soccer coverage on Saturdays: 14.

We last saw a goal scored by an English team on Fox Soccer Channel on Saturday, November 15 when Nicolas Anelka knocked the final goal in for Chelsea against West Bromwich Albion. Since then we’ve had to persevere four nil nil draws beginning with last Saturday’s Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle draw, then Aston Villa 0-0 Manchester United. And today’s Middlesbrough 0-0 Newcastle result followed by Bournemouth 0-0 Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup.

Maybe Fox should change the name of their Saturday preview and highlights program from Fox Soccer Match Day to Fox Soccer Snooze Day?

6 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Snooze Day”

  1. maybe your a dumbass. What are FSC supposed to do, score goals for the teams? This was the dumbest post i have seen since i started logging onto this site. Never post anything again.

  2. I seem to recall that you called a boycott on Sony because they called football (soccer) boring. Yet here you are complaining about a lack of goals. I watched the Villa V Fulham which was goalless, yet entertaining. I flipped over a few times to watch Roy Keene weap in that goalfest which seemed like a game with no soul.

    also watched the Bournemouth v Blyth match which was a very exciting FA Cup slug fest.

    So thanks for the observation, but goals hardly mean excitement.

  3. I just wish FSC would stop showing Newcastle……they have shown this team nearly every week and they are boring to watch.

  4. sloppy post there Gaffer…Can hardly blame FSC for having 4 0-0 games?
    The games listed were interesting enough pre game for me…the fact that they ended up 0-0 didn't bother me too much as I felt that they were good enough games to watch…and WHO DOESN'T LOVE a Dec/Jan FA CUP match from the lower divisions?

    So let's lay off FSC on this occasion…Been a good enough Gooner/Chelski game today and the Inter Milan game eariler had some class finishes
    At least they are showing games and using proper commentators

    BTW what about ESPN360 of late….fair play to them showing Championship games and 3 or 4 Champions league games midweek live online..Top Notch Stuff

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