Where Can I Find Spurs' Third Shirt?


If you’re a football fan hoping to find a brand-new Tottenham Hotspur third shirt under your tree this Christmas, prepare to be very disappointed.

Tottenham’s third shirt for the 2008/2009 season is the hardest football shirt to find. Period.

It’s completely sold out on the Tottenham Hotspur website. There are very limited sizes left in the Spurs shops at Enfield and Chelmsford. And it’s not available on Kitbag, Subside Sports or other online football retailers.

According to an employee from the Spurs shop, “The third kit has now sold out and we are not planning to have anymore.”

The question has to be asked whether Spurs underestimated how many of the shirts would be bought, or whether they purposefully sold limited quantities to create a demand in the marketplace.

And a demand is exactly what it has created. Since November 12, the UK version of eBay’s site has sold 29 third shirts for a total of £2,046.52 ($3,153.05), which means that the average Tottenham third shirt sold for £70.56 ($108.75).

When it was available, the Spurs third shirt retailed for £39.99 ($61.63). That means that now the shirts are selling on eBay on average for 76% more than what they retailed for!

The highest winning bid for the Tottenham third shirt has been £131.00 — an astounding $201.

At least the home and away shirts are still available.


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