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No Winners Among Top 10 Premier League Clubs

premier league table No Winners Among Top 10 Premier League Clubs

To further illustrate how topsy turvy the Premier League is this season, last night’s Wigan 1-0 Everton result means that none of the teams in the top 10 of the Premier League won this past weekend. All of them either drew or lost. I don’t have time to review all of the record books, but I’m pretty confident that this is the first time it’s happened since the Premier League was born in 1992.

While teams placed one through ten either lost or drew, all Premier League clubs in positions eleven through sixteen won. Such is life in the Premier League where one win can push a team up several places while a loss can drop a team into the abyss of the bottom three.

Trying to guess who will get relegated this season is as difficult as predicting when the U.S. will get out of the current recession.

The other strange thing about the Premier League this past weekend was the lack of goals. Fifteen in all, which equals a goals per game average of 1.5. That’s pitiful by any standards, even Serie A.

Let’s hope the Premier League returns to normalcy this weekend. On Sunday, it’s derby weekend when Chelsea plays Arsenal and Manchester City is at home against Manchester United. Be sure to play the EPL Talk Predictor game (free registration) to see if you can guess which clubs will win the games this weekend, as well as who’ll win the Champions League matches.

Speaking of the Champions League, don’t forget to set your DVRs to record the matches from today and tomorrow. For viewers in the United States, Villarreal against Manchester United will be shown at 2:30pm ET (yes, ESPN, and not ESPN2 this time). At the same time, Setanta Sports (and ESPN 360) will be showing Arsenal against Dynamo Kyiv.

Then, tomorrow ESPN (again) will show Bordeaux against Chelsea at 2:30pm ET while Liverpool against Marseille will be on Setanta Sports.

Enjoy your midweek football.

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2 Responses to No Winners Among Top 10 Premier League Clubs

  1. eplnfl says:

    Has the wide open race increased interest at this point. How many of us here, which maybe not a good sample group can say they are more or less interested in the Prem., when we see nil-nil scores across the board. Are we really happier when all the Big 4 teams come empty like they did last weekend. Is having a giant good for the sport. After, all the strange results we have seen so far the Big 4 are still in places 1 to 5. Is there really change we can believe in, or is this just a tease to keep us watching during the Christmas shopping season?

  2. thesoccerblogger says:

    Crazy set of results really and the likes of Liverpool, Utd and Chelsea will all be kicking themselves they haven't taken advantage of the others slip ups. The top teams aren't going to drop points too often. I suppose the saving grace is they all dropped points so in effect no harm done really.

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