Who Are The Worst Behaved Fans In The Premier League?


Throughout the season, the Premier League keeps track of which clubs have the best behaved fans as well as the worst behaved fans. Last year, Chelsea was voted the worst behaved fans especially because of the way they abused Avram Grant most of the season, but so far this season they’ve zoomed up the charts and are now the fifth best behaved.

Here’s the complete list from best behaved to worst (with their average behavior score out of 10) up until October 29, 2008:

  1. Arsenal, 8.50
  2. Hull City, 8.50
  3. Fulham, 8.22
  4. West Bromwich Albion, 8.20
  5. Chelsea, 8.10
  6. Portsmouth, 8.10
  7. Stoke City, 8.00
  8. Manchester City, 8.00
  9. Manchester United, 8.00
  10. Middlesbrough, 8.00
  11. West Ham United, 8.00
  12. Liverpool, 7.90
  13. Everton, 7.80
  14. Bolton Wanderers, 7.80
  15. Blackburn Rovers, 7.70
  16. Wigan Athletic, 7.70
  17. Newcastle United, 7.60
  18. Sunderland, 7.40
  19. Tottenham Hotspur, 7.40
  20. Aston Villa, 7.40

It’s no surprise that Aston Villa is bottom of the league especially after the way one of their supporters threw a coin at Harry Redknapp, which hit the assistant referee instead.

Last season, both Sunderland and Newcastle were near the top of the best behaved fans chart. This season, they’re both near the bottom. The behavior of Sunderland and Newcastle fans in the recent derby definitely hurt both clubs.

Do you agree or disagree with the above chart? Are there any surprises that you’d like to point out? Click the comments link below and let us know.

5 thoughts on “Who Are The Worst Behaved Fans In The Premier League?”

  1. The reason the Gooners ave a good rating is because most of they’re attendees are business men using corporate owned tickets to watch footy along with people on holiday in London with coin who wanta see a decent match. They don’t ave true supporters, strictly suits and folks on holiday. Besides, they’re supporters aren’t smart enough to truly understand what’s going on so they ave nothin to be angry about.

  2. all our moments of our fans being the worst is at home.
    i remember 1 fan jumping on the pitch against city when we scored and the rest of the blackburn fans wanted him back on but the stewards didnt wanr him on. then it became a massive brawl.

    the walkersteel end (blackburn end)
    is one of the most supportive and loyal end you will see

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