What's Your Favourite Liverpool Shirt Of All Time?


What’s your all-time favorite Liverpool shirt? Are you the type of individual who thinks it should be the classic Umbro shirt from the late seventies, or do you prefer one of the Adidas or Reebok designs?

Vote now at the excellent Some People Are On The Pitch Blog. Chris Oakley has compiled a selection of 16 classic Liverpool home shirt designs to browse through from 1969 to 2008. I have to admit that I’m quite surprised by which shirt design is currently leading the vote, so go ahead and vote for your favorite now and find out who is ahead in the poll.

8 thoughts on “What's Your Favourite Liverpool Shirt Of All Time?”

  1. My favourite Liverpool shirt was the 1963 away shirt.
    This was the shirt liverpool wore when Spurs hammered them 7-2 at the Lane.
    Come on the mighty Spurs…!!!!

  2. Not sure how to vote. Just put the letter here? In that case, B for me.

    Wow Dave, how long did you have to go back for that result?

    By coincidence, my favourite is the 70's Umbro kit, which we just happened to be wearing when we beat Spurs 7-0 in 1978, Argentinians and all. 😉 One of the great Liverpool displays. Pity I got locked out. :-( lol

  3. Guys whats up with the question.

    In my eyes all these shirts are the best because they were created for the best football team in the world. I started collecting from shirt H but have to say that O is probably the most pleasing to my eye

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