Catania Win Match By Dropping Shorts

bum deal catania Catania Win Match By Dropping Shorts

Catania striker Gianvito Plasmati, dropped his shorts at Torino goalkeeper Matteo Sereni, as team-mate Giuseppe Mascara scores on a free-kick during the Southerner’s 3-2 win.  

Dreamed up by former Italian national goalkeeper Walter Zenga, this tactic was employed to great success against the visitors. Chief executive Pietro Lo Monaco speaking yesterday to RAI said, “This is a strategy that (Catania coach Walter) Zenga tries continually in training.”

foxnews comments plasmati bum deal Catania Win Match By Dropping Shorts

Former referees coordinator Paolo Casarin called the move “unsportsmanlike and in bad taste. “It’s a trick that should not be tolerated anymore by the referees” 

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(AP photo by Francesco Pecoraro)

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