Tony Adams Will Learn to Regret His Defoe Quit Threat


New Portsmouth manager Tony Adams said late last week that he would quit if Portsmouth sold Jermain Defoe. While I’m sure that most Pompey fans would agree that Defoe needs to stay, Adams’s comment shows his immaturity as a manager.

Threatening your new owners after recently getting the job is no way to impress the owners, especially your record as Portsmouth manager hasn’t been spectacular. He’s won one game, drawn two and lost two.

To me, Adams’s comment smacks of a person thinking that he’s larger than the club. In tough economic times when the future of the club is in uncertainty, the last thing the Pompey board needs is a manager mouthing off to the press and putting undue pressure on the club.

Sure, Jermain Defoe should stay. He’s the best thing that’s happened to Portsmouth in ages. But Tony Adams has really put his foot in his mouth by saying such a ridiculous comment. The fact is that players sometimes leave against a manager’s wishes. Putting your neck on the line by saying you’re going to quit is a stupid thing to do. Don’t expect Tony Adams to stay in charge at Pompey that long whether it’s by his choice or not.


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