Alan Parry Scores Own Goal In Bolton vs Liverpool Match

alan-parry.jpgIf Alan Parry thinks refereeing is so easy, let’s see him be the man in black next week.

Football commentators sometimes stoke the fire by criticizing referees, which makes the TV viewers get emotional and forces undue pressure on referees, as well as countless subsequent articles in the press and people moaning on football radio shows.

Even worse is when referees get a crucial decision correct, such as the disallowed Bolton goal against Liverpool today. Alan Parry got it wrong claiming that Bolton goal should have been allowed. Parry must have missed the way Kevin Nolan manhandled Jose Pepe Reina and locked his arms around the Liverpool keeper before Gary Cahill nodded the ball into the Liverpool net. Even co-commentator Nigel Winterburn missed the foul too. Watch the video of the incident to help you make your own decision.

Worse still, Parry kept on claiming how Bolton were cheated of a goal and continued to criticize Rob Styles, an easy target for Parry.

Just as referees make mistakes, commentators need to be held accountable for their remarks too. Commentators often call for technology being introduced into the game, but it’s hypocritical when commentators, even with all of the technology available to them on TV, are unable to make correct calls too.

An interesting subplot to this story is that Alan Parry is a Liverpool supporter who has been criticized in the past by many TV viewers for being too biased toward Liverpool. As a result, Parry rarely commentates any games involving Liverpool on Sky television. Today’s Bolton against Liverpool match was on TWI, the international feed for football fans around the world.

Is it possible that Parry has been so concerned with his perceived bias against Liverpool that he is subconsciously trying too hard to be unbiased? And in doing so, he ends up being more biased against Liverpool. Or was it a simple mistake on his behalf?

As for Liverpool, they continue to look like true Premier League title contenders after scoring two sublime goals to win 2-0. The final score could have been at least 4-0 to Liverpool after several players missed easy changes in front of goal. Bolton, meanwhile, have a long season ahead of them if they want to elude relegation.

22 thoughts on “Alan Parry Scores Own Goal In Bolton vs Liverpool Match”

  1. If anything, its a foul by Reina for pushing Nolan in the back. So the goal should have stood or it should have been a penalty to Bolton.

  2. The more I watch it, Gaffer, the more it seems like a legitimate goal. Kevin Nolan certainly looked like his intentions were to make it difficult for Reina to defend the cross – but surely that's what you want from your players; a competitive edge. Reina didn't like this and used unreasonable force to push him out of the way – there's a difference between fighting for space to receive the ball, and simply shoving your opponent out of the way.

    The problem is, goalkeepers are now under the impression that they need ultimate protection, and this is why Reina appeared to react as if he had been unfairly challenged – this only added to the appearance of being fouled.

    Whilst I appreciate your article on the bias (or anti-bias, as the case may be) from commentators and punters, I really struggled to see at which point Nolan manhandled or held Reina.

    The real question is: how did three Bolton players manage to reach the ball unchallenged, and where was the defenders' obligation to protect their goalkeeper and, ultimately, their goal…?

  3. What is interesting is the diverging opinion on whether it should ahve stood or not. This is after everyone had multiple chances to see multiple camera angles in slow motion. The ref saw it once.

    Kamara on SKY and Parry saw it one way. Gray sat on the fence and Martin Samuel in the Times got it right.

    It was a foul and the ref got it right.

  4. nolan had no intention of playing the ball, thus it was a professional foul. if nolan had gone for the ball but was in riena's way then the goal would've stood but he made no effort to get the ball, thus it was a foul.

  5. Blimey, there are a lot of idiotic comments here now aren't there?! And I thought the ridiculousness of the original article could not be surpassed.

    My two cents:

    a) Your article relating to Parry is utterless pointless given it very clearly should have stood as a goal.

    b) To suggest that because some individuals have chosen to defend the referees decision does not mean that therefore there is sufficient doubt, therefore it must have been a difficult one to call, therefore he is correct. A decision is either correct or incorrect. This is not determined by the reactions of people after the event (as much as they can sometimes be useful to gauge things).

    c) Nolan is of course employing proffesionalism by standing where he does, however what he does is fully within the rules. He merely stands is ground, in no way fouling the keeper. He does not trip Reina up, but even if Reina did fall over his leg there is nothing illegal in him standing with his legs spread somewhat apart to make his presence larger.

    This is a no-brainer. What's more, given the contentious penalty Styles awarded against Bolton the other week I'm utterly amazed that he was chosen to officiate this one so soon afterwards.

  6. Of course the ref got it right, how dare Kevin Nolan stand his ground, did he (Nolan) not realize he was up against a goalkeeper from a top 4 club, and he should simply have moved out of his way (Reina), for him to take the catch.

    Great article, keep up the good work.

  7. “Me” what crap are you about talking when you say it is ok to 'stand with his legs spread apart to make his presence larger'? You cannot try to deliberately obstruct an apponent, particularly if your not attempting to reach the ball yourself, this is what Nolan did, therefore it is a foul. He also raised his foot in the air and then put it through Reina's legs, which you have obviously failed to notice.

  8. I was at this game sat at the opposite end to the incident. Even I could see clearly the goalkeeper pushing Kevin Nolan out of the way. I have also watched the replays and my decision hasn't changed.

    Also this wasn't the only baffling decision of the game…you could tell Styles must have watched a replay at half time as he gave some decisions to Bolton that I thought were wrong.

    Styles is a disgrace, he can't even read the game and gets in the way so players have to run round him.

  9. How can you not see that Nolan only raised his foot because Reina knocked him off balance? I also thought that Bolton played some nice football at times but how can you expect clubs like them to play at the level of the top clubs with all their resources. If a player does well for Bolton, like Anelka, a bigger club will buy them and just perpetuate the problem. I also remember the constant criticism of Bolton's style under Allardyce but I remember always looking forwards to seeing their matches on TV with the likes of Okocha, Djorkaeff, Stellios, Hierro, Campo, etc. in the team.

  10. Ok Bolton have got a brilliant new tactic worked out –

    Just put 3 players immediately in front of the keeper… don't look at the ball – just “hold your ground”- crowd him out of the field of play… and when he can't move you can cry foul – or get someone else to play the ball.

    Can't wait for their next few games – a quick shove the keeper into the net? or perhaps a rugby scrum to get the ball across the line?

    They should be awarded 3 points for creativity – after all not many teams change the way a game is played…

  11. In football they're called 'opponents', I know not what this 'apponent' is you speak of.

    Indeed, you cannot deliberately obstruct a player.. that is, within the rules of the game. Was the ball in front of Reina when Nolan positioned himself there? No. Did nolan do anything other than get shoved by Reina and try to keep standing up? No. I failed to notice it the way you interpret it, yes. Unfortunately you've interpreted it completely out of line with the guidance to referees. Show this video clip to any other referee to make a judgment (anonymously so he knows he's not getting up the nose of his refereeing clique) and I am 100% positive he would allow the goal. Furthermore most others would not need the video clip, it was very apparent at the time.

  12. Gosh, is it against the rules not to look at the ball now?! The ball wasn't even in the area at the time. You'll be wanting to ban running into the corner with the ball to kill some time next. I'm afraid these kind of things within the rule will always be operated when they can, like it or not. It's no good complaining when a team has the guile to use such areas to their advantage. As it is, Nolan did nothing wrong. If you want to put a rule in place that says 'if the ball is approachign the are in which you are standing you cannot stand your ground in front of the player and must get out of his way so he can get to the ball, and you must lock your eyes on the ball at all times' then your entitled to that opinion, however it's ridiculous. Would you have a different opinion if it had been two defenders standing front to back and the ball was coming in? I suspect so, however there is no rule which says a player must step aside to allow the goalkeeper to come and get the ball. That would be ridiculous.

  13. Alan Parry is one of the best and most highly respected commentators in the buisness. It was his opinion that the goal; was wrongly disallowed just like it is your opinion that the decision was correct. It's a game of opinions …. Keep up the good work Alan!

  14. Kevin Nolan has every right of standing wherever he wants to.

    Alan Parry was damn right – and damn right to be upset with Styles. It was a horrible decision. Styles should be ashamed of himself for being either starstruck by mighty L'pool or for not knowing the rules of the game.

    So should the fat Spaniard, the Gaffer and half the people commenting here. Making random rules because it fits your world view is pathetic.

    Read the rule book. It's not that hard.

  15. The same thing happened on all the corners afterwards but Styles didn't seem to think they were fouls…

    Indeed I agree with most people on here that
    a) Reina should have been booked and punished by a yellow card for his push.
    b) Nolan has the right to stand his ground.
    c) Reina has no right to get the ball, he has to come round Nolan, not through him to get it.
    d) Under Mourinho some of Chelsea's corner techniques were equivalent to gridiron and they got away with it.

  16. alan parry may right about lots of things but one thing he is wrong about newcastle were never the biggest club in the north-east nor are they now nor are they likely to ever be and seeing how clever alan is it should not be difficult to work out who won the last trophy in the three competitions …. j brown

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