Will Beckham Wear Number 75 For Milan?

becks_75.gifWhen David Beckham joins AC Milan on loan from the LA Galaxy in January, speculation is that he will wear the number 75.

With both the numbers 7 and 23 shirts (his previous numbers at Man Utd, Madrid and LA) taken (Pato wears #7 and Massimo Ambrosini wears #23), Beckham will take the number 75 to wear upon his back, which is incidentally the year of his birth.

This is the current popular trend at the club with summer signings Ronaldinho (#80), Mathieu Flamini (#84) and Andriy Shevchenko (#76) all taking their birth years as squad numbers.

The Mirror has more photos of Beckham’s potential jersey. Why is this news you might be asking? Well, it has everything to do with the commercial side football. You can expect that this #75 AC Milan shirt will quickly become one of the top sellers in the world and will net the club (and possibly Beckham as well) a nice tidy sum of cash.

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