Win A Who Are Ya Designs T-Shirt

divers are wankers tshirt Win A Who Are Ya Designs T ShirtEPL Talk and Who Are Ya Designs have partnered to bring you a contest where one lucky reader will win a Who Are Ya Designs T-shirt of his or her choice.

Here’s the deal: Answer the two following questions correctly (you can find the answers on the Who Are Ya Designs website), and then e-mail with your answers before the deadline of midnight November 24, 2008. One winner will be picked out of the hat and will be contacted via e-mail. The contest is open to residents from around the world.

The questions are:

  1. Which footballer has a picture of nachos on his T-shirt?
  2. Complete the following sentence: “I scored against ________ _______”

Note: The contest has closed. Congratulations to the winner, Patrick Guldan.
Who Are Ya Designs create, design and sell witty soccer-related T-shirts. They’re a passionate US-based company whose shirts are clever as the game you support.

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