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Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway

Serie A Talk in partnership with happily announce,

 jersey contest 01a Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway

The Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway

For most, Thanksgiving is about turkey and pumpkin pie, peaceful (or not) meals gathered around the family table, and long naps in your favorite recliner. But not at SoccerPro – we’re going to spend this Thanksgiving month celebrating the rabid fans of soccer around the world and collecting the most legendary trivia facts about your favorite soccer team. 

 So to say ‘Thanks’ to you, is giving away one Replica Soccer Jersey EVERY DAY for the week of November 10th – 16th. Winners will be drawn at random 

Please see for giveaway rules at, Replica Soccer Jersey Giveaway when entering please mention the Serie A Talk website as your referral and Digg the article below.

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0 Responses to Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway

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  2. ridhaz says:

    Ronaldinho very fit with Ac Milan jersey, i would like one for me :D
    just like this post.

  3. Kevin says:

    Give us some trivia and a Digg and you are on your way to winning ridhaz.
    cheers Kevin

  4. Soccer Jerseys says:

    Ronaldo is my fav. The data you are going to collect is really a nice way to go in soccer field. Keep it up the great work.

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