Which Premier League Footballer Are You?


When you’re watching the Premier League, which footballer do you identify with the most? In life, are you a hard-nosed John Terry, a metrosexual David Bentley, a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve Steven Gerrard, or perhaps a John Carew who has a penchant for lap dances?

As a child, I identified with Kenny Dalglish when he played at Liverpool. One, I was pretty deadly in front of goal when playing at my local playground. Two, whenever I ran, I always got really red in the face as King Kenny did. And three, he had a similar haircut to mine at that time.

Of course, Dalglish never played in the Premier League, but if I had to pick one that I identify with the most, it would have to be Gareth Bale. He’s Welsh, like I am. He plays on the left wing, which is the position I played at during high school. He always tries hard and has a lot of potential as well as pace.

Which Premier League player do you identify with and why? Click the comments link below and let us know.


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