Setanta Broadband Drops Ball During Champions League Coverage

If you are a yearly subscriber to Setanta Broadband or were looking to Setanta Broadband for live PPV coverage of the Champions League today, you were left extremely disappointed as no games were shown on broadband live.

If you were to go to Setanta upcoming soccer fixtures website, you would see this. However when you go to UEFA’s website for North America, you see this.

For something to be advertised and not delivered upon, it only disenfranchises those who are willing to pay for what is suppose to be reliable online streaming and will only send those to p2p players or sites like Which for this Champions League matchday, it may end up being the more reliable option.

According to the Setanta Broadband schedule, the Champions League games are suppose to be play on delay tonight on Setanta Broadband 1. Let’s see if that actually comes to pass.

7 thoughts on “Setanta Broadband Drops Ball During Champions League Coverage”

  1. I am not sure what you are looking at. When you log in and go to UEFA PPV events on the left side of the page you see the link to watch any game you want live.

  2. Ahh, Yes you are right…hadnt noticed the dates. My apologies. That is crap. I mean people pay $150 for the service and expect to get CL coverage and PL coverage. For me it didnt matter today because I watched Liverpool on and they weren't on Setanta but its not right nontheless. I am sure they are getting a number of emails on the subject.

    To contact Setanta Broadband service email them at

  3. John,

    Good post.

    I am one of those former subscribers as of this weekend due to the lack of customer service and poor video interface usage and design.

  4. Setanta has Roma v. Chelsea and Sporting vs. Shaktar archived now from yesterday. To find them go to: Soccer Archive > UEFA competitions (Don't ask me).

    I have found Setanta wildly inconsistent with their archiving over the last 2 to 3 weeks. I sent them a pretty nasty email last week when they incorrectly archived all their EPL matches. The only one archived from last week is Aston Villa. Its shocking that I pay $150 for their service and can't get the archives. That's the whole reason I subscribed was to be able to watch the matches I missed anytime plus the Champions League.

    I'm not resubscribing at this point.

  5. Setanta contacted me to let all of the Setanta Broadband customers know that they experienced a breakdown with their broadband services on Tuesday as a result of problems from Dublin.

    Setanta expressed their concern regarding the problems, and promise a revamp of their Setanta Broadband offering shortly which will result in a much improved service.

    The Gaffer

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