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Catching Up on the Weekend’s News

I apologize once again for the infrequent posts and also the lack of attention I have been able to pay to Football lately. This situation should change later this week.

I did catch Thursday night’s New England-Chicago match and was impressed by the fight and quality the Revs showed against tough odds. I would not count out the Revs in the second leg.

I’m relieved that we likely will never see another MLS game on the Giants Stadium turf again.

The Crew demonstrated their grit by getting a late goal to draw with Kansas City.

I’m going to attempt to watch all three games I missed this past Saturday on Wednesday and Thursday and give more thoughtful and in depth analysis in advance of the second leg on Friday’s American Soccer Show.

Jerimiah White scored the game winning goal this weekend for AGF Aarhus. White has been given only one token call up by Bob Bradley. With November 19th result meaning little for the national team, I’d love to see White called in and paired alongside either Jozy Altidore or Charlie Davies up front. Altidore, by the way scored his first goal in Spain this weekend.

Before I run, I think this story from MLS Rumors was very telling as to why USL-1 seems to be having the Champions League success that has eluded MLS. Apparently development salaries in USL while equally low are enhanced with certain perks that allows teams to truly build depth.

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8 Responses to Catching Up on the Weekend’s News

  1. Phillip says:

    Will Red Bull Arena be ready for the start of the season? I think they’ll play a good half the year at Giants Stadium, no?

  2. DerrickInSF says:

    I had to stop watching the games on turf. It’s a different game then the one i grew up playing. About halfway through, i think the New England game, turned to a recording of a random EPL game and i noticed something:

    Minutes to first attempt at a slide tackle:
    EPL game: 2 minutes ten seconds
    MLS game on turf: 23 minutes.

    Barely any tackling and a bouncy bouncy ball. I really just don’t want to watch that. No matter who is playing.

  3. DerrickInSF says:

    oh yeah and what about Altidore Scoring?

  4. FC Vandy says:

    I didn’t think the new Red Bull Arena would be open until fall. Turf it is for the start of next season, unless, they can put down grass for spring and summer with no NFL games going on. Then remove for fall when Giants and Jets start up.

  5. Daniel F. US Open Cup says:

    I agree Vandy.

  6. bandeeto says:

    Yeah, nobody seems to be paying attention to Altidores goal. I thought it was huge.

  7. Left in Cyberspace says:

    Hey all:

    Did you see the MLS game last week between Chivas Regal and Houston Dynamo got a 0.0 nielson rating on Fox Soccer Channel?

    Can you believe that? A 0.0! Yeah Soccer is really becoming big! Maybe foreign soccer like the British and Spanish leagues will become big eventually but certainly not MLS!

  8. Phillip says:


    The game got like 29k viewers. The average MLS on FSC is like 33k.

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