10 Reasons Why This Premier League Season Is The Best Yet


This weekend we were graced with another very entertaining and competitive Premier League weekend. At this rate, we’re well on course for one of the most exciting Premier League seasons in recent memory. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. No more Derby County. The three promoted teams already have equaled or exceeded the number of points that Derby achieved during the entire 07/08 season. Derby won a mere 11 points last season. West Bromwich Albion currently have 11, while newboys Stoke City have 13 and fairytale Hull City has 20.
  2. Amr Zaki. The Egyptian striker has been a revelation and an absolute joy to watch. Not only has his exquisite goals been sublime, but the way Zaki reads the game and how strong and confident he has been is a testament to his skills. He also seems very humble, which is a rare attribute for Premier League goalscorers.
  3. Hull City. Even in their losses against Manchester United and Chelsea during the past week, Hull have showed a wonderful attitude as well as a lack of fear which is so hard to find in the Premier League. With Hull, unpredictability happens, which is another rarity about the Premiership.
  4. Rory Delap. When was the last time you saw one player have such a dramatic impact on a team’s chances of winning by using one of the most unconventional methods? Delap’s throw-ins seem to be practically unstoppable. Both goals by Stoke yesterday against Arsenal were the result of Delap’s throws.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur. Love them or hate them, Tottenham Hotspur’s season has been more dramatic than an entire season of Dream Team. Everything that could have gone wrong did. And everything that could have gone right in one week did, too.
  6. Liverpool. While I was a big critic of their form earlier in the season where they lucked out on several occasions during the qualifying games in Europe and their first few matches in the Premier League, the club has found its form and look one of the most dangerous sides in the league.
  7. Arsenal. Before the season began, who would have predicted that the Gunners would lose against Fulham, Hull City and Stoke City? Arsene Wenger’s side continues to be a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. Some weeks they’re playing blistering football, but other times they’ve been abysmal.
  8. Classics. One of the major things we were missing last season were classic games that you’ll remember for years. While last season’s race was close, we’ve already experienced four classic games and we’re only just in November. Classics include Man City 2-3 Liverpool, Arsenal 4-4 Spurs, Liverpool 3-2 Wigan and Spurs 2-1 Liverpool.
  9. Big Four. This season, for the first time in ages, we have the best chance of a real Big Four race instead of just the Big Two. Sure, Arsenal has slipped but there’s still plenty of time for the Gunners to regain their winning form.
  10. Chelsea reborn. Luis Felipe Scolari has turned Chelsea into a lean fighting machine capable of playing some free-flowing football as well as playing with a confidence that they’ve been lacking for quite some time. The Blues already have a goal difference of +23, while Liverpool have +8 despite having the same number of points as Chelsea, 26.

What highlights and storylines are missing from the above list that have made this season the best yet? Click the comments link below and let us know.


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