Top 10 Surprising Premier League Statistics


Which Premier League club has the highest percentage of foreigners? Who has the youngest squad? And who has the oldest squad? Read the following top 10 statistics to find the answers to those questions and many more.

  1. Oldest squad: Hull City, average age 27.48 years
  2. Player to have spent the most number of seasons at a Premier League club: Ryan Giggs – 19 seasons
  3. Player to have played for most number of clubs in Premier League: Michael Pollitt (Wigan), 14 clubs
  4. Youngest squad in the Premier League: Arsenal, average age 22.06 years
  5. Most common foreign nationality in Premier League: France, 33 players
  6. Premier League club with most number of foreign players: Liverpool, 83.78%
  7. Premier League club with most home-based players: Aston Villa, 64%
  8. Shortest player in Premier League: Aaron Lennon, 5ft 4in
  9. Tallest player in Premier League: Peter Crouch, 6ft 6in
  10. Fattest player in Premier League: Danny Shittu (pictured above), 222 lbs

Source: IMScouting.

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Surprising Premier League Statistics”

  1. I don't think “surprising” is the word you were looking for. Giggs longest serving player…? Aston Villa most Englishmen…? Liverpool most foreign…? Crouch is tall…? Arsenal is young…? I think the word is “duh”.

  2. Interesting post. You should have worded the bit on Michael Pollitt a bit more clearly. It could be read that he's played for 14 clubs in the Premier League and that's not the case.
    He's bounced around the lower leagues quite a bit in his career. His list of clubs is:

    Manchester United
    Oldham Athletic
    Lincoln City
    Notts County
    Rotherham United
    Wigan Athletic
    Ipswich Town

    It's also perhaps out of line to call Danny Shittu that 'fattest' player in the league. Even though you list him as ~ 220 lbs….the lad is 6 foot 3. He looks like he's in pretty good shape and Bolton's official site lists him as 15 stone or 210 pounds.

  3. Maybe it's just me and the fact I'm “old” but an average age of 27.48 years as the average age of the oldest squad (Hull) doesn't seem that old.
    Off the top of my head I'd have gone for Arsenal as the more foreigners

  4. i wouldn’t call that guy fat. More like “built” I’ve seen him in other pictures and he’s got some muscle. I don’t think a pudgy 220 pounder could survive in a soccer league let alone the premier league

  5. Everyone thinks Arsenal have the most foreigners, it just shows how lazy the press are for endlessly repeating other people’s crap, unresearched assumptions as if they were facts, and how lazy we are for doing the same!

  6. I think all the statistic here are correct but with one question at hand about the danny shittu issue.can you explaing that to me how can he become the pastest player?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. Depends on what you define as squad. If you take the full first team squad then Fulham have the oldest squad with an average age of 29.02 years, while Arsenal do have the youngest squad but with an average age of 24.56. It is also worth noting that Liverpool’s average age is 24.68 t of a surprise.

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