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Stadiums: Bloomfield Road

blackpool30 Stadiums: Bloomfield Road

Blackpool FC play their home matches at Bloomfield Road and have since 1899. It has a capacity of 9,941. It is an all seater stadium and one of the smallest in the Championship. It is slowly being expanded to a capacity of 16,000 by around 2010. The pitch is 112 x 74 yards. Bloomfield Road only has two stands currently unlike the usual 4 stands in other stadiums.

Away Fans:

Away fans are housed in a temporary stand in the East Side of the ground while the permanent Away stand is being built. It currently houses 1,700 away fans. The stand also has no roof and the wind from the sea cuts right into the away supporters. There is a good chance of finding yourself signing in the rain if your an away fan at Blackpool. The No 1 Bar is adjacent to the visiting fans and is rather friendly to traveling fans. There is a nominal fee to get in however. There are also other bars within a 10 minute walk of Bloomfield Road that are welcoming to visiting fans as well.


Home Fans*:
Blackpool Airport Stand (Centre): Adults £30, OAP’s £24, Under19′s £21, Under 16′s £19
Blackpool Airport Stand (Wings): Adults £28, OAP’s £23, Under19′s £18, Under 16′s £16
Blackpool Airport Stand Stand (Outer Wings): Adults £28, OAP’s £23, Under19′s £18, Under 16′s £17
North West Stand:
Adults £28, OAP’s £22, Under19′s £
16, Under 16′s £13, Under 11′s £11
All In Property Services
Family Area: Adults £28, OAP’s £23, Under19′s £
16, Under 16′s £13, Under 11′s £11
Blackpool Leisure
North Stand: Adults £28, OAP’s £23

Away Fans*:
Adults £28, OAP’s £23, Under19′s £16, Under 16′s 13

* A £1 discount on these prices per ticket is available if the ticket is purchased prior to matchday. Home fans can gain a further discount on the ticket price if they become Club members.

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