Who Will The British Tabloid Football Reporters Vilify Next?


In a typical football season, football journalists and bloggers find one victim after another to write about. When one tragedy or soap opera ends another begins.

In the past weekend, the ‘Sack Juande Ramos and Damien Comolli’ saga ended with both men being booted out and replaced by Harry Redknapp. The Mike Ashley soap opera at Newcastle has practically been extinguished thanks to Newcastle’s return to form under Joe Kinnear, and Liverpool – longtime disappointers – look like they may rid themselves of the Curse of the Bambino this season after beating Chelsea. Plus talk of a takeover has simmered down too.

And England, who always seem to be persistent underachievers, are doing better than ever. Even boo-boy Ashley Cole is old news by this point.

If Newcastle, England, Ashley Cole, Spurs and Liverpool are no longer victims, who will the British tabloid reporters turn their attention to and vilify next? Click the comments link below and share your predictions.


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