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Poll: Which Premier League Club Will Sign Landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan has again expressed a desire to play in the Premier League, according to Sky Sports. The American midfielder will approach MLS officials this week to be granted permission to seek a January transfer window move to a Premier League or La Liga club.

According to Donovan, “Whether that happens I don’t know but I think where my qualities are best would be in a team that plays. I’m not going to go and battle John Terry and expect to win but if I can get on a team that plays good soccer I think I could help.”

The question is, which Premier League would be best suited for Landon Donovan and would have room for the American star? Vote now.

Which Premier League Club Will Sign Landon Donovan?
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6 thoughts on “Poll: Which Premier League Club Will Sign Landon Donovan?”

  1. i think the real question is what premier league club is stupid enough to take him?

    No club with money will take him, so that's Man City, Arsenal, Villa and Spurs off the list above.

  2. I'd be curious to see how he does – he is a good player in the MLS, head and shoulders above most of them but in a big team where he is not the big fish i think he'd struggle. The obvious answer is Fulham because AJ is not working out. Can he go to a better club??? Maybe. Everton ? I really want to see this happen just to end this argument once and for all – he was cra* in Germany at Leverkusen.

  3. I don't know why “Landycakes” would now want to move to the EPL, after two failed “false-starts” in the Bundesliga. He claimed that the German weather and food were bad, and he preferred living in California, on the beach with his girlfriend (sounds good to me!). As an American, I'm all for our national players trying to raise their game in superior leagues; I'd love to see him make a real commitment this time. The MLS is, in my opinion, not even in the top 10 world-wide. The obvious choice would be “Fulhamerica”, but I'd love to see him at Arsenal, where they rarely let British-born players on the pitch anyway!

  4. No disrespect to Donovan, but don't think any Premier League club in the top half, and perhaps most of the bottom half, would. Maybe Fulham would take him back for old times sake!

  5. Hey “thesoccerblogger” donovan wasn’t even at Fulham in the first place and secondly he’s better than any stupid brit would give him credit for, so I would see him either at villa or everton

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