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If You Were A Professional Footballer, What Club Would You Sign For?

soccer ball If You Were A Professional Footballer, What Club Would You Sign For?

Imagine for a minute that you’re a teenager gifted with incredible soccer talents. Several scouts have been following you, and you’ve heard rumors that a couple of different clubs in the Premier League are interested in bringing you on to their books.

If you were in that position, which Premier League club would you choose to sign with? A club where you would love to wear the colors of that team, to play in their stadium and be adored by its fans.

Tell me what Premier League club you would pick and why, but with one caveat. The club you select can’t be your favorite Premier League team. Share your dream by clicking the comments link below. I look forward to reading your responses.

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23 Responses to If You Were A Professional Footballer, What Club Would You Sign For?

  1. Raatzie says:


    Somehow I got scored on by Ronaldo AND Ronaldnho and still got called up for my World Cup team.

    Did you see my free kick at the edge of the box?

    I'm trying to remember what I did with that one.

  2. BishopvilleRed says:

    If I can't play for United, I'm playing for Aberdeen- SCOTTISH Premier league.

    After that, Maybe West Ham. If I'm half good, I'll get signed by United in no time!

  3. Mike K says:

    I would say Arsenal but they're my favorite team so that's no good. Other than that, I'd say Aston Villa. They're playing great football right now and it's face paced which I like a lot. I'd score the hat trick that got Spurs relegated :)

  4. Steve D. says:

    Fulham……..I love fulham……..I like to root for the underdogs,and remember the great escape they put on last year

  5. Matt says:

    Hull City. Champions League in no time.

  6. Burt Reynolds says:

    Whoever pays me the most.

  7. ls7 says:

    I'd have to go for West Ham. They have a good and long track record of producing top talent.

  8. Ph0BoluS says:

    Chelsea fan here, and I'd probably sign for Fulham…I'd get to hang with my fellow Americans, I'd help them reach top 10 then get a contract from Chelsea, then sign for the blues..ahaha

  9. Chris says:

    I'm a Chelsea fan but, I would sign with Bolton or Tottenham!

  10. rohan.india says:

    for chelsea….i will plzy for them free

  11. Sanjay says:

    I'm a gooner but I think for me it would probably be Newcastle and I know people are already laughing but the passion of the fans is just amazing.

  12. ChrissMari says:

    my favorite team is City but if I had a penis and was a gifted footballer and couldn't play for City i'd play for Liverpool.

  13. Simmo says:

    Hull City

    There playing some great football at the moment and you would also get a lot of game time. Sire it would by good to play for united or chealsea but they have to many good players. take some one like Aron Ramsey. He has got great talent but he still finds in extremly hard to break into arsenal starters. Mabye if I started to play great football I would then go to one of the top four clubs (chealsea, man utd, arsenal and liverpool) but it would still be hard to break into the top side.


  14. mp says:

    Liverpool, duhh. Amazing fans, great track record, players who play for the sport, for success, Not money, + red looks good on me .


  15. Curtis says:

    Indeed. Steven Gerrard definitely did NOT hold you guys to ransom and threaten to go to Chelsea.

    I'd go to Portsmouth. I've always had a soft spot for them.

  16. Ruben says:

    machester united they are not my favourite team but to score and the roar in the east stand by the crazy red fans

  17. Nick says:

    Late to the game on this one but noticed it under a “related post”.

    United’s my favorite so i’ll say…Fulham. I’ve admired Hodgson the past couple of years, first, keeping them from relegation two seasons ago, and then finishing with strong season this past one.

  18. JayCromwell says:

    I would sign for any of the Prem teams except for the b*tch clubs, such as Liverpool, Chelsea, ManU……I am an Arsenal fan….but I would love to play under David M. at Everton, or Hull City….as a teenager it would be crucial to play for an inspirational coach, such as Fergie…(but I hate ManU)….ok eough blabbing, I would sign for Stoke…and in my debut I would score on a diving header or ‘bike’ in a Delap long throw….HEEEYYYY OOOOOO….peace my fellow brethren and sister-en…btw..ChrissMari…its soo incredibly attractive to see a beautiful woman whom knows her football, i would love to talk some ball w u -JayC

  19. avioboh joseph says:

    am in nigeria playing in our local league am a lover of football and a player too if i am opportune to play in any of the europe league i am going to contribute greately. i really want to play europe football .

  20. josh says:


  21. Cody (#2) says:

    As a teen, I would sign for Chelsea, so I could collect a massive paycheck and never see first team action again.

  22. Bergkamp_10 says:

    Everton for me under Martinez, specially.

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