Housecleaning Begins at Tottenham. Ramos Out, Redknapp in.

The BBC is reporting that the house cleaning at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has begun. Manager Juande Ramos, Sporting Director Damien Comolli, and first team coaches Gus Poyet and Marcos Alvarez are all looking for work after being sacked Saturday night ahead of their tie with Bolton Wanderers on Sunday. Clive Allen (Development Squad Coach) and Alex Inglethorpe (Youth Team Manager) will be in place for Tottenham for Sunday’s tie.

It’s a toss up over what Ramos will be most remembered for. Back in February, Tottenham won the Carling Cup with an extra time defeat of Chelsea 2-1, their first since the League Cup back in 1999. It could also be argued that he’ll be most remembered for the poor start to this season that ultimately saw him sacked.

The partnership between Ramos and Comolli never seemed to take off. It didn’t help either that Tottenham sold Robbie Keane and Berbatov in the last transfer window, without adequate replacement up front. It’s going to be difficult to judge Roman Pavlyuchenko this season as he’s played a full season in Russia and will probably fatigue before the whole season is over. Luka Modric hasn’t exactly fit into the system Ramos had at Tottenham.

In the same report, it has been reveiled that Portsmouth have agreed compensaion so that Harry Redknapp can take over as Tottenham’s manager. While it surprises me, I can understand why Redknapp would want to leave. If all the media reports are to be belived of late, Portsmouth are facing debts beyond their control and won’t be able to build their new ground. And in all fairness to Portsmouth, Redknapp has taken the team as far as he can go.

For Redknapp, it’s also another bottom of the table challenge. When Redknapp took over Portsmouth back in December 2005, Portsmouth were in the same situation Tottenham are in now. Can he keep Tottenham up?  Only time will tell.

What’s unfortunate for Tottenham and Portsmouth is that this happened so close to their Sunday fixture. However when changes need to be made, it’s best to go ahead and get them done and out of the way.

Thanks to Bishopville Red for tipping me off to this breaking piece of news.

10 thoughts on “Housecleaning Begins at Tottenham. Ramos Out, Redknapp in.”

  1. Spurs finally made the move I was hoping they would to try to salvage something out of this season. Redknapp will definitely give these players the kick up the backside they need.

    The Gaffer

  2. Agreed. Im not a huge Redknapp fan but any change is a good one at this point. Im very hopeful for a fresh start and think Harry can crack the whip and get those bumbling idiots figured out eventually.

  3. More chopping and changing at Spurs. I have no sympathy for them, but their ineptitude has now impacted on another club. Poor, poor Pompey. Doesn't seem fair that they're the big losers out of Spurs colossal cock-up.

    What are the odds on Ramos getting another gig sooner rather than later, and doing A-OK?

    Any guesses where he or Gus Poyet might resurface? Poyet is held in high regard, but he hasn't exactly set any records for longevity (or leaving under friendly terms) in his last few gigs.


  4. Poyet? Newcastle?
    Ramos – does it matter.
    Redknapp took Saints down – no guarantee he will get them playing. But I admit the change was good – Fat Sam/Adams/Phil Brown/Curbishley will all be touted for Pompey. Fat Sam I am sure has already called them.

  5. More importantly than Ramos being sacked was that Comolli got the sack as well. You have to point the finger at him for not adequately strengthening the spine of the team. I still maintain that Spurs were wrong in firing Martin Jol but that's ancient history now I suppose.

    The rumour mill will be working overtime now that Trader 'Arry is on the job. January chopping and changing will happen. I wonder if Tony Adams will join him as an assistant?

    I do feel bad for Pompey as he's left them in the lurch again but that's the nature of sport these days.

  6. Can't say I'm disappointed with the change. While I am not a Spurs fan, anyone interested in the league should hate to see what was going on there. While JS is right in his insight on Redknapp leaving Pompey, you do hate to see him move away. Yes, he did all he could with the money he had or maybe didn't have but he made Pompey a team that could surprise you on any given day and of course make the Cup run. The Gaffer is right that Harry will give them a kick at Spurs, but my feeling is that maybe the magic won't work this time!

  7. He saved Pompey from relegation, but took the Scummers down. 2 out of 3? He's got a long, uphill battle to fight, but he's got most of the season left and some deep pockets in the transfer window.

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