The Third Half 6 Is Live

The late week edition of The Third Half starts with Johnathan Starling interviewing Mark Moll of Bundesliga Talk as we take a look back at the previous weekend of action and take a look at the weekend to come.

Kevin of Serie A Talk follows as a discussion of David Beckham, the Champions League and Jose Mourinho follows.

Lonnie from Champions League Talk rounds out the show taking a look back at the midweek European fixtures.

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One thought on “The Third Half 6 Is Live”

  1. I have to make an apology. I wrongly identified Busquets as coming up through the Arsenal academy. He's come through the Barca academy. I had been meaning to make a comment about how he compares to Cesc, who obviously has gone to Arsenal, and got my wires crossed. Sorry for the mistake !

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