Poems And Drawings From a 10-Year-Old Soccer Obsessed Boy


Going through some old boxes last week, I found a handmade poetry book I created in primary school when I was living in Wales. I thought it’d be interesting to share the poems and my pictures no matter how crude and silly they are to help paint a picture of what a ten-year old soccer obsessed boy was thinking in 1980.

Here are the soccer-related poems and drawings (click the images, when open, to zoom in):

Some of the things that I found interesting about the collection were the names of different companies featured on the advertising boards such as Talbot (cars), Esso (gasoline/petrol), V.G. and Spar (grocery stores), my adoration for my boyhood hero Kevin Keegan, the amount of belief I had in the Welsh national team at that time (thanks to their 4-1 against England), and – even at that age – the level of detail I drew into the football kits of Wales (Adidas) and England (Admiral).

4 thoughts on “Poems And Drawings From a 10-Year-Old Soccer Obsessed Boy”

  1. Excellent stuff, Gaffer. How wonderful to be able to look back on the innocent days of childhood with the aid of those books you saved.

    Makes me wish I'd kept hold of more of my old school stuff!

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