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Who Are The Best Supported Clubs in the Premier League?

anfield fans Who Are The Best Supported Clubs in the Premier League?

EPL Talk has a list of the best supported clubs in the Premier League for the 2008/2009 season thus far based on the percentage of seats filled in a football stadium.

So, for example, Arsenal’s ground has a capacity of 60,432. The average attendance at the Emirates Stadium this season has been 60059, which means that – on average – the ground has 99.38% of its seats filled for Premiership matches.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Manchester United, 75,482 average, 75,691 capacity, 99.72% eats filled
  2. Arsenal, 60,059, 60,432, 99.38%
  3. Tottenham Hotspur, 36,002, 36,247, 99.32%
  4. Chelsea, 41,652, 42,449, 98.12%
  5. Hull City, 24,637, 25,404, 96.98%
  6. Stoke City, 27,478, 28,383, 96.81%
  7. Liverpool, 43,789, 45,362, 96.53%
  8. Portsmouth, 19,891, 20,688, 96.14%
  9. West Ham United, 33,530, 35,089, 95.55%
  10. Fulham, 24,498, 26,000, 94.22%
  11. West Bromwich Albion, 26,030, 28,003, 92.95%
  12. Aston Villa, 39,492, 42,719, 92.44%
  13. Everton, 36,618, 36,955, 91.15%
  14. Manchester City, 42,871, 47,300, 90.63%
  15. Newcastle United, 47,199, 52,387, 90.09%
  16. Middlesbrough, 28,929, 35,049, 82.54%
  17. Sunderland, 40,367, 49,000, 82.38%
  18. Bolton Wanderers, 22,644, 27,879, 81.22%
  19. Blackburn Rovers, 23,299, 31,367, 74.28%
  20. Wigan Athletic, 17,793, 25,023, 71.10%

How does your team’s position in the above chart compare to last year? Find out now.

Impressively, on average, fifteen of the twenty clubs in the Premier League are selling 90% of their seats for home games.

Despite Wigan playing some of their most attacking football at the JJB Stadium in years, the Latics crowds are down considerably compared to last season. So too are crowds at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland and St James’ Park in Newcastle.

Closer to the top of the table, the fans at Hull and Stoke are packing themselves into their respective stadiums, while Tottenham — despite their dismal league form — are the second best supported team, while Arsenal is first yet again. Note that all of the clubs in the league have played four home games thus far except Manchester United who have only played three.

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2 Responses to Who Are The Best Supported Clubs in the Premier League?

  1. Dumb blonde says:

    re MUFC average gate, isn't 75,482 = to 99.72% of 75,691?

  2. The Gaffer says:

    Dumb Blonde, you're correct <blush>. I've fixed the error, which moves Man United up from number three to number one. My apologies to any United fans. Good catch.

    The Gaffer

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