Highest Average Attendances In The Premier League


Which clubs have the highest average attendances in the Premier League?

Here are the results for the 2008/2009 season thus far up until October 21, 2008:

  1. Manchester United, 75,482
  2. Arsenal, 60,059
  3. Newcastle United, 47,199
  4. Liverpool, 43,789
  5. Manchester City, 42,871
  6. Chelsea, 41,652
  7. Sunderland, 40,367
  8. Aston Villa, 39,492
  9. Everton, 36,618
  10. Tottenham Hotspur, 36,002
  11. West Ham United, 33,530
  12. Middlesbrough, 28,929
  13. Stoke City, 27,478
  14. West Bromwich Albion, 26,030
  15. Hull City, 24,637
  16. Fulham, 24,498
  17. Blackburn Rovers, 23,299
  18. Bolton Wanderers, 22,644
  19. Portsmouth, 19,891
  20. Wigan Athletic, 17,793

The biggest change near the top, compared to last year, is Sunderland dropping down from fifth place to seventh, which has allowed Chelsea and Manchester City to move higher up the charts.

Interesting fact: It takes Wigan Athletic more than four games to equal the number of fans inside Old Trafford for one Manchester United league match.

5 thoughts on “Highest Average Attendances In The Premier League”

  1. Because grounds are different sizes, this ranking is pretty meaningless. What would be more interesting is this:

    Attendance as a % of ground size. That is, what teams are filling up the seats they have.

    Avg. Attendance based on away teams. That is, what teams draw a higher % of attendance when they play on the road.

  2. Okay…. now for a support check as opposed to capacity. Is there a list of top ten team supporters for this current EPL season? Where support = percentage of fans that show up relative to capacity. Unless every EPL game is sold out, this should be easy to quantify.

  3. I saw the picture and thought…..It must mean the Northern Premier League as the picture shows supporters of FC United of Manchester who play 7 leagues below the Premier League here in Englandshire and were formed because of the takeover of Manchester United by businessmen who dont give a hoot about the history of a great football institution and its supporters. Great picture by the way, I know a few faces on there. This is how it feels when you dont sell your…….etc etc etc

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