16 thoughts on “What English Football Team Does John McCain Support?”

  1. McCain is a supporter of the English National Team. Useless left wing, old fart pensioning it off based on his reputation on the Right wing.


  2. Honestly, he would not root for anyone. Trust me as someone who works in the political realm……openly identifying yourself as a footy supporter makes you a suspect American in many people's eyes in the political class, particularly in McCain's party. (But also among a lot of Democrats, which is why I bet Obama hasn't spoken about West Ham recently)

    I don't fit the stereotype personally. I did not realize until two weeks ago that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were no longer the Devil Rays and that Bill Parcells was not the coach of the Dolphins but merely the GM- and these teams are in my area! (Well locally in politics everyone is more concerned with College Football than any other sport and that I am obsessive about going back almost 30 years now.)

    Sarah Palin calls herself a hockey mom and not a soccer mom for a reason. Especially if you are trying to wrap yourself in the American flag, football or soccer is not the sport you want to be identified in anyway with. Many say its simply the europhiles and latte sipping france lovers who like this sport- their is some truth to that. I've found footy fans in the states to be disproportionately liberal and out of touch with the mainstream reality here at home. I happen to be pretty far to the left myself but working in politics I know what ordinary Americans are like which is part of why I am so negative on ever winning them over on the game and want to depend on latino immigrants to push the sport.

    Besides conservatives rail against immigrant legal and illegal these days and most are footy fans so they do not want any association with the game whatsoever. It's ironic because I would take the Latins who are Catholics and can assimilate quicker in American society than the Muslims that have overrun Western Europe and don't assimilate as well. (I don't have anything against Muslims but merely use it to point out how compatible latin, footy loving immigrants are with American society)

    I guess this is a long diatribe but my point is even if McCain liked football he could not publicly admit he does: it would undermine his credibility as an American in the eyes of the votes he needs to receive to be elected president of the United States. After all they would say, McCain didn't become a war hero or a POW fighting for American freedom to see the Brits and Latin conquer us with their sport.

  3. McCain/Palin support an EPL team? Given that the base is mostly lower information voters of the Joe 6-pack variety, soccer is a alien game played by long haired anti-American's who can't cut it in the NFL. So, the correct answer would be none, since having a team would make them a progressive and worse even pro-immigration since real American's do not play the worlds game. Name me any soccer player from Alaska?

    Vote for Change you can believe in.

  4. Since McCain is from the school of “let's do the same thing over and over again and hope for a different result” – my guess would be Newcastle Utd.

  5. No that's a joke site. Retarded rednecks like yourself , fuck their sisters and watch gay wrestling. Thanks for 8 years of ruining our country you fascists fucktard. Isn't there a minority to bash somewhere Kyle?

  6. McCain couldn't name a single football team on the planet. The guy is a good ole boy, ugh. God forbid he gets elected, alongside that misunderstanding he chose to run for vice-president.

  7. As others have said, McCain would never watch soccer/football, because a large majority of his supporters see it as a sport for sissies and/or commies. Although I think the idea that any politician should be afraid of announcing their allegiance to a club is a bit absurd. If there was one club that McCain could identify with, it would definitely be Spurs, because they were both on the brink of being hugely successful, but then made some bad personnel decisions and are now getting outclassed on a weekly basis.

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