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Poll: Who Is The World's Number One Authority On Soccer?

American football has its John Madden, but among the media soccer doesn’t have a recognized authority figure on soccer? Or do we? Vote now who you believe is the number one authority on soccer worldwide.

<a href=”” >Who’s the number one authority in the world on soccer?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=””> polls</a>)</span>

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15 Responses to Poll: Who Is The World's Number One Authority On Soccer?

  1. Aaron S says:

    Where's Alan Hansen

  2. DoublePivot says:

    The world of football isn't just England. Most of these guys know sweet fa about the WORLD of football. Vickery, Marcotti, Doyle and Andy Brassell are the only ones that deserve to be on the list.

    When Gray was here doing the Euro's he didn't know a damn thing about any player outside of England.

  3. DoublePivot says:

    You mean the World of EPL football.

    Half these guys couldn't tell you a flipping thing about the WORLD OF FOOTBALL.

    Andy Gray was clueless over here during the Euros.

    It's either Vickery, Doyle or Brassell

  4. Django says:

    Well Gaff, can't say the use of John Madden helps. He may be the most recognizable, but not sure about the most knowledgeable.

  5. Ringo says:

    Bobby McMahon.

  6. BishopvilleRed says:

    I like McMahon a lot too.

  7. ls7 says:

    Why wasn't I on the list ??? Sheesh….no love for the EPL Talk crew at all :)

  8. ls7 says:

    I'm kidding BTW. For my money, I prefer the writers of good articles rather than the TV studio pundits. I think Raphael Honegstein and Jonathan Wilson write some of the best articles on a consistent basis. I'd also give a nod to James Lawton and Henry Winter (who made your list).

  9. S Cohen says:

    The 2Gs? or is that 1?

  10. Raatzie says:

    Andy Gray.

    What a CALL, son! WHAT A CALL!

  11. The Gaffer says:

    DP, Marcotti is on the list. Paul Doyle is well schooled in French football, but isn't an expert on leagues worldwide. Andy Brassell knows quite a bit about European football, but is by no means an expert on world football.

    I put Gray on the list to see if people would vote for him – and they have done :)

    The Gaffer

  12. The Gaffer says:

    I agree. I should have put Bobby on the list. He's a genius.

    The Gaffer

  13. David Warnes says:

    andy gray's a terrible scotch anus and knows nothing about football outside of the premier league.

  14. I can’t believe that Brian Glanville has only received one other vote besides mine. Meanwhile, Gab Marcotti has 17 votes!?!?! Am I just old, Gaff?

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