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Poll: Who's To Blame For The Disaster At Tottenham Hotspur?

After Spurs losing 2-1 to Stoke City today, the history books will show that the 2008/2009 season is the worst start in the entire history of Tottenham Hotspur. But who’s to blame? Vote now.

<a href=”” >Who’s to blame for Spurs’s disastrous season?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=””> polls</a>)</span>

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5 Responses to Poll: Who's To Blame For The Disaster At Tottenham Hotspur?

  1. fuzzy gunlop says:

    I am only voting Levy because there is no option for all of them (which is what I think) and basically he is the one who makes all the big decisions. You could blame Commoli but who appointed him? Who insists there Has to be a DOF at all?

  2. Chad says:

    If it's Comolli, why? Everyone agrees that Spurs have a good set of players. Comolli can't make Bale not make that stupid tackle. I do agree that a deficiency in the squad is that Tottenham doesn't have a DMF that's tough in the tackle. Deciding to not purchase a player that fits this role is probably Comolli's fault. But, that alone can't explain why they are so horrible. I believe that diagnosing the problem isn't simple in the sense that the blame can be placed only one person's shoulders, but the players clearly do demonstrate a poor mentality. And, only the players have the ball at their feet; not the director of player personnel, not the manager, etc. Spurs' players need to look within themselves to break out of this mess.

  3. bacardi breezer says:

    yes…same for me…levyscum and comolliscum are to blame 100%……..i dont hold sr Ramos to blame at all after the sh!t he was left in by the yiddo and his dofs inept and scandalous transfer dealings!!!! fukkin wankers should go and go now!!!

  4. LFC Won't Win the League Pt 79 says:


  5. COYS says:

    Levy's invested a lot, and some of it has been pure magic. He's made some huge mistakes though. It would be good if he apologised, but I don't want him to go. He cares about the club (and his investment) and if he leaves, whoever buys the club won't be so keen to invest. We need Levy. But we need the Levy who supported Jol with big signings, not the one who scapegoated Jol and then brought in Ramos, then sold one of the best strikeforces in the Premiership to the teams we were supposed to be competing with.

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