Fabio Capello Restores Faith In England National Team


When Fabio Capello was appointed England manager, people asked me what my thoughts were on the matter. My viewpoint at the time was that it would bring clarity to whether the England national team was still a football power or not. After all, if Capello couldn’t turn England into a winning football team, then no one could.

By transforming the England national team into a winning side, Capello has restored faith not just in England but in international football and World Cup qualifiers. It’s amazing what a few wins can do. Now all of a sudden many football fans, myself included, actually look forward to international matches more than we did before.

Sure, I’m biased but I feel that a formidable England national team will make the 2010 World Cup a more exciting tournament. Part of the reason is the England supporters who will literally invade South Africa and turn it into a party atmosphere, but it’ll also be exciting to see another team challenging for the Copa Mundial other than the typical trio of Brazil, Italy and Germany.

There’s a long way for England to go before they play at a level of World champions, but I like what I see so far. As long as Capello learns and adapts as the England team progresses, the next two years will be exciting times for England fans.

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